Exit for Callum Highway ‘sealed’ amid Ben Mitchell’s emotional goodbye as Max Bowden leaves EastEnders

Callum comforts Ben in their flat in EastEnders
Could Callum be set to leave with Ben? (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

It was recently announced that Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is set to leave EastEnders in the coming months, leaving many fans wondering what this could mean for the future of his relationship with Callum Highway (Tony Clay).

Ben and Callum’s relationship is currently one of the strongest on the Square and despite numerous challenges over the past year, they have remained each others’ biggest supporters.

So what possible reason could they have to split up between now and Ben’s exit? Potentially, none at all.

There is every chance that Ben’s exit could see Callum leave alongside him, with the pair agreeing to start fresh elsewhere, given all the bad memories that Albert Square holds for them.


After what they have been through together, they certainly deserve a happy ending, and perhaps the best place to get that is somewhere far away from London.

However, this is EastEnders, and relationships can change in the blink of an eye.

As much as we’re all rooting for Ballum, there is every chance that things could go drastically downhill before Ben’s exit, and it is a break up between them that leads to his exit.

We’ve seen them split up before and ultimately get back together again, but could they be set to split for good?

The final, and possibly most heartbreaking option is that they may be torn apart through no choice of their own.

We’ve seen just how frequently murders can occur on Albert Square, and it is safe to say that both Ben and dad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) have collected enemies like stamps over the years.

Could one of them come out of the woodwork and end up killing Ben as part of some gangster revenge plot?

Whatever happens, we’ll be sad to see Ben go, but look forward to seeing how everything plays out.

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