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Five huge BBC EastEnders theories: dead body found, huge arrest and new feud rocks the Square

The Six may already have to face the consequences of their actions.

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KEANU Taylor’s body was laid to rest underneath Kathy Beale’s café during a recent trip to Albert Square.

Unfortunately, not many secrets stay hidden forever in EastEnders. This week, multiple residents have to face the music.

The Mitchell family wave goodbye to Aunt Sal

The Mitchell family wave goodbye to Aunt SalCredit: BBC
Suki Panesar gets shock news from Priya

Suki Panesar gets shock news from PriyaCredit: BBC

1. Murder secret exposed

Viewers think Keanu Taylor’s body will be found soon as the Six desperately try to cover up his murder this week on BBC One.

Linda Carter (portrayed by Kellie Bright) stabbed the hunk to death in an attempt to save her best pal Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) from her own tragic demise.

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Once the deed was done, there was no going back for the Vic landlady, Sharon and their accomplices, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), Denise Fox (Diane Parish) and Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth).

The Six agreed to dispose of Keanu’s body under Kathy’s café, which was set ablaze in late 2023 by Rocky Cotton and due to be built back up.

Building works are expected in the café in upcoming scenes of the long-running program and it was enough to convince the Six to bury Keanu’s body underneath the venue.

But this week, their secret runs the risk of being exposed and Keanu’s body could be uncovered.

Suki is shaken when Priya Nandra-Hart (Sophie Khan Levy) reveals that the builders at Kathy’s café may have to lay its foundations again.

Panicked, Suki rushes to No.41 in a bid to persuade her soon-to-be former husband Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) to reconsider turning the café into flats.

After pleading with Nish, Suki is shocked when he agrees to reconsider his plans for the café.

But the biggest surprise ensues as Denise Fox arrives – what does she have to say?

Viewers of the London-based show have grown increasingly convinced that Keanu’s body will be discovered soon, leading to the Six’s downfall.

One viewer took to X to point out the chances of the murder secret being rumbled in a matter of weeks: “But also the six are so stupid. The body will decompose and the smell will take over.”

“How could they possibly think they’re going to get away with leaving it down there??????”, they asked.

Another jumped in, referring to the group’s hurried burial last week: “The Six deciding moving a body at 8pm.”

“This body in the café thing is all a bit stupid, the six should set up a construction company! Nice smooth cement, but not sure that cement will be dry by morning”, a third one echoed.

Could Denise be framed for Keanu's murder?

Could Denise be framed for Keanu’s murder?Credit: BBC

2. Shock arrest

With Keanu’s body likely to be discovered soon, soap watchers believe they’ve figured out who the blame could be pinned on to.

As mentioned above, the Six decided to dispose of Keanu’s corpse by burying him underneath Kathy Beale’s café before construction works take place.

The group – with the exception of an overwhelmed Sharon Watts – made their own cement and buried Keanu.

Unfortunately, as they were walking away from their own crime scene, the women failed to realise that Denise Fox’s necklace had fallen next to Keanu’s body.

This could mean the hairstylist’s downfall is sealed and, according to viewers, she may even be framed by her own accomplices for her mistake.

“Oh the necklace? Now Denise is gonna go down.. the woman can’t catch a break”, one fan penned.

Another echoed: “Denise is about to get pinned for the murder”, while one viewer added: “Denise is gonna go down for murder.”

“Ohhhh s**t, It’s not looking good for Denise”, one last fan concluded.

Rocky Cotton met a similar fate when he was quickly putting two and two together, figuring out that Sharon, Denise and Stacey may have had something to do with his disappearance.

The Six decided to turn Rocky in to the police for burning down Kathy’s café and she was more than willing to sacrifice her marriage with him to protect herself, Linda Carter and fellow members of the Six.

But will they really turn against one another?

Will Jack step in to help the Six?

Will Jack step in to help the Six?Credit: BBC

3. Unexpected ally for the Six

Although Kathy was ready to wave Rocky an emotional goodbye as he was sent to prison, Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) may not be as keen to do so.

This week, the copper faces more marital trouble with Denise – and his attraction to Stacey Slater continues to plague his mind.

Coming up, Denise arranges a last-minute couples counselling session with Jack but she’s caught up by her guilty conscience.

After being caught with Nish Panesar, whom she bottled on Christmas Day, Denise is met with immediate consequences as Kathy calls for an emergency crisis meeting in the Vic barrel store.

All members of the Six, including Stacey Slater and with the exception of herself, have grown increasingly aware that Denise could slip up.

But during their meeting, the women are left more concerned when Suki shares news about Denise’s visit to Nish.

Elsewhere, in therapy, Jack is at the end of his tether when it’s clear to him that Denise isn’t listening.

Later, Jack heads out for air after a heated chat with Denise but the animosity makes room for romantic chemistry as Stacey appears.

Faced with a silently tormented wife and a pile of issues, Jack can’t help but approach Stacey who feigns interest for information on Denise and her mental state out of fear for her big murder secret.

The pair share a charged moment and it’s clear there is still feelings there.

Despite his clear connection with Stacey, viewers have speculated that Jack may put his career on the line to protect Denise.

According to this new theory, Keanu’s body may be found along with Denise’s incriminating necklace by Jack himself.

Knowing this could mean she’s a suspect, and in a bid to save their marriage, Jack could swipe the necklace, making sure nothing can be held against Denise.

In another twist, he could then get the truth out of her and vow to protect Denise and the rest of the Six.

Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, one viewer even suggested that he could go as far as to take the blame for the murder, which would then lead to his own exit from the Square.

“See I think it’s jack because I don’t think any of the six are going to be sent down for it – maybe if or when they find the body jack is on shift and sees/hides Denise’s necklace?” (I haven’t seen tonight’s though so maybe this theory is already completely wrong”, the soap fan questioned.

Are they on to something?

Kat is due to find out Phil cheated on her

Kat is due to find out Phil cheated on herCredit: BBC

4. Long-awaited reunion

But while the Six tremble out of fear they may be sent to prison, another character is nervous about his own secret coming to light.

Kat and Phil Mitchell (respectively portrayed by Jessie Wallace and Steve McFadden) tied the knot in September, 2023, after postponing their wedding a first time a year earlier.

But wedded bliss is far from a reality for the couple as Phil’s actions hang over their union like a dark cloud.

This week, the Walford stalwart gets ready to wave a final goodbye to his Aunt Sal, who unexpectedly drew her last breath off-screen.

Members of the Mitchell clan gather from far and wide to pay their respects as Sal’s funeral takes place.

This includes Sal’s widower Harold who is due to make an emotional return.

However, Kat is concerned for her husband as Phil keeps his emotions to himself and Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) attends the funeral in her place.

Little does she know that Phil is being blackmailed by his own sister Sam (Kim Medcalf) who knows he has been up to no good behind Kat’s back.

Later on, Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) gets The Queen Vic ready for Kat and Phil’s joint birthday bash and Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) makes it clear restrictions will have to be in order.

Meanwhile, Phil refuses to comply with Sam’s demands for money and refuses to be intimidated by her.

In other scenes, Kat’s concerns grow as she catches Phil conspiring with his son Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) in the Square, and she later heads to No.29 to confront her stepson.

Unfortunately, blood is thicker than water for Ben and he covers for his father.

In The Vic, Phil finally caves to Sam’s demands before he and Kat have a heart-to-heart on recent events.

Sadly, the warm moment is short-lived when Sam takes the mic and reveals that Phil slept with Emma Harding, making her stance clear.

Viewers of the London-based program will remember that Phil and Emma let loose at Peggy’s, days before his wedding to Kat Slater.

Many of them have been expecting for their relationship to meet a wall as they hope for a reunion between former spouses Kat and Alfie.

To top it off, Phil recently discovered that he was the biological father of Sharon Watts’ son Albie, hinting they could be tempted to give a family life together another try down the line.

But how would Kat react if she was to know that Alfie hid Phil’s infidelity from her for several weeks?

Could Cindy have another feud with one resident?

Could Cindy have another feud with one resident?Credit: BBC

5. Fresh feud brewing

Elsewhere in the Square, Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) takes drastic action against Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell).

Since her return to the Square, the blonde bombshell has thrown a plethora of attacks at the lad as she struggles to remain cordial due to him killing her daughter Lucy in 2014.

Coming up, Peter (Thomas Law) helps Lauren and Penny Branning move into their new flat, as the once lovers toy with the idea of restarting their relationship.

After Cindy intercepts Peter and Ian’s (Adam Woodyatt) conversation on the matter, she finds Lauren and encourages her to rethink a relationship with Peter, wanting to protect her son from future heartbreak.

But while she’s trying to contribute to Peter’s happiness, Cindy attempts to sabotage Bobby’s own well-being.

In later scenes, Cindy is rattled to learn that Bobby and another one of her daughters, Anna Knight (Molly Rainford) are going out on a date.

She is then relieved to discover that the date hasn’t gone to plan.

However, this prompts Ian to step in at the eleventh hour to help the young lovers, despite his wife still having her reservations.

Cindy fails to hold back as she tells Bobby he’s not good enough to date Anna, which horrifies Ian and Peter.

Ian attempts to play matchmaker and makes a reservation for them both at Walford East.

Unfortunately, Bobby gets the shock of his life when he sees Cindy showing up to his table.

While her aversion for Bobby is clear, viewers have spotted tension between Cindy and her son Peter’s love interest Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) as the latter returned to Walford for her son Louie.

Many fans of the show have speculated that both women may embark on their own feud as they fight over Peter Beale.

“Watching Cindy and Lauren… Their feud is going to be interesting”, one viewer commented on X.

Another added: “Nah, how Cindy has the cheek to go at Lauren about being a parent.”

“Lauren just keeps handing it back to Cindy”, one viewer chimed in.

Could the bickering escalate and end in tears?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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