General Hospital Alum Tyler Christoph Opens Up About Being ABUSED At Home

“Being homeless was a far better circumstance than being in guardianship,” said General Hospital alum Tyler Christopher. He shared about being abused by his family member while recovering from his brain injury. The former GH star must have gone through something huge to give such a statement about his family member. What exactly did happen with him? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to learn more about his statement, also, the person behind the abuse.

Christopher’s Guardianship Misused
In 2021, General Hospital actor, Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), started doubting his sister’s intentions with his guardianship. He discovered irregularities in Asmo Baker’s handling of his finances. While speaking to Bloomberg Law, Tyler revealed that his sister misused the guardianship by using his money for her own whims. The actor shared that Baker used $40,000 to pay her credit card bill and moved her family from North Carolina to Ohio. Also, she used Tyler’s money to buy miscellaneous things for her family. She used the guardianship as an opportunity to skim money from her brother. In the light of the discovery, he decided to end the guardianship and take action against the mishandling.

General Hospital

Tyler hired an attorney to examine the irregularities in his accounts. Initially, his sister denied the accusation. However, in early 2023, she agreed to review the finances. And now, if the accountant proves the actor’s allegations true, Baker will have to return the money she misspent. Contrarily, if it is proven that Baker isn’t guilty, Christopher will have to reimburse her for the accounting cost. General Hospital alum, Tyler, was relieved to take over his finances and end the guardianship after discovering the mishandling.

General Hospital: How Tyler Ended Up In This Situation?
The former General Hospital actor has gone through a lot of struggles in life. Including arrests due to drug abuse and a deadly accident. In 2019, the actor slipped, hit his head on the back of a bathtub, and fractured his skull. With this situation, his sister, Asmo Baker, filed a petition to become in charge of his accounts while her brother was in recovery. After the petition was filed, the attorney approved it in early 2020, and hence, Baker took over Tyler’s finances. Asmo Baker was responsible for negotiating with Tyler’s creditors, selling his house, and hiring a lawyer to represent him for his divorce.

Generally, one would be grateful for a family member for shouldering such a huge responsibility. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for Tyler. “I never thought in a million years that I would be taken advantage of by a family member,” he divulged. Tyler also mentioned that the guardianship was taken without his knowledge while he was recovering in the hospital. This really must be a testing phase for the actor. We wish he comes out of this situation stronger than ever. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for such more such General Hospital updates.

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