Is Eve the seventh woman at Christmas? Fans now convinced

Eve's back, but could she get her revenge?

EastEnders' Eve, the background of the Thames

Last night’s episode of EastEnders (Wednesday, December 20) saw Eve Unwin make a surprise return back into Walford as she entered Suki’s house.

After Nish and Ravi’s arrest, Eve snuck into Suki’s house and confirmed that she was still alive.

Now, EastEnders fans ‘are certain’ that Eve is the seventh member of ‘The Six’ at Christmas.

EastEnders' Eve has her hood up
Eve reunited with Suki (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Eve returned to Walford

Yesterday in Albert Square, the police arrived to question Ravi and Nish regarding Eve’s disappearance.

Later on, they then returned and searched Ravi’s car to find Eve’s blood-stained clothing in the boot.

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Ravi was then arrested but had been adamant that someone had set him up.

Soon after, the police turned up at Nish’s doorstep and entered the house just as Nish was becoming violent towards Suki.

She’d just confronted him over the disappearance of Eve, with Nish lying that he’d paid Eve £10,000 to run away.

The police then arrested Nish on suspicion of murder, making Suki burst out into tears.

After leaving a voicemail to Eve and assuming that she was dead, Suki then got the shock of her life when Eve appeared in front of her – alive.

EastEnders' Eve
Fans think that Eve might be the additional member of the group (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans predict that Eve will join ‘The Six’ and kill

EastEnders viewers have been wondering if there’s actually a seventh member of ‘The Six’ who will kill one of ‘The Seven’ men.

After Eve’s return, fans have now shared their theories that this seventh member could be Eve.


Another person suggested: “Nish has been arrested – I think Eve may have been the one who framed Nish & Ravi. This is what makes me think she’s the 7th member of The Six.”

A third person finished: “As the days go on I start to wonder that maybe I am wrong about our Kat being the 7th and maybe it’s EVE! Considering most likely tomorrow’s episode will be about her…”
Could Eve have returned to kill? (Credit: BBC)

Could Eve kill at Christmas?

Currently, there are six women in the running to kill on Christmas Day – Sharon, Denise, Kathy, Suki, Stacey and Linda.

However, could there be a huge twist that sees a seventh woman strike? And, could this person be Eve? Could Eve kill Nish or Ravi in The Vic?

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