Is Jay Brown leaving EastEnders?

OVERCOME with grief following the loss of his wife Lola Pearce earlier this year, Jay Brown has been spiralling out of control.

Death fears have been sparked as spoilers confirmed the EastEnders favourite will be involved in a dramatic accident.

Jay is spiralling out of control

Jay is spiralling out of controlCredit: BBC

What happened to Jay Brown in EastEnders?

Jay Brown has been left a shell of himself since, as mentioned above, Lola Pearce passed away.

The beloved hairstylist was a firm favourite amongst BBC One viewers and was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2022.

Her story broke many hearts as she found out she had no treatment options and she waited for death while making a few last happy memories with her loved ones.

This included rekindling her romance with Jay Brown, prompting the pair to tie the knot.

Her health rapidly declined during the spring and Lola drew her last breath earlier in 2023 with Jay and her daughter Lexi by her side.

Since then, Jay has been trying to keep it together but is slowly crumbling due to his grief and the pressure of raising Lola’s daughter.

In recent scenes of the London-based drama, Jay became involved with a newcomer named Nadine who bears a striking resemblance to Lola.

Shaken and in desperate need of comfort, Jay began sleeping over at Nadine’s home and it was quickly revealed that she was a prostitute.

Befriending a sex worker was the least worrying of Jay’s actions as he was then seen relapsing in his drug addictions and he turned to Nadine for ketamine.

Callum Highway (portrayed by Tony Clay) soon caught on but who can really help Jay?

Is Jay Brown leaving EastEnders?

Jay’s grief could lead him towards catastrophe and even his own end.

Regular EastEnders viewers have been left worried they may be seeing the last of Jay after recent spoilers revealed he would be involved in a car crash.

Speaking to Radio Times about the upcoming scenes, actor Jamie Borthwick said: “There is an accident at the house and after that, Jay just cannot cope anymore.”

“He needs to get away from Walford because being around there is just causing nothing but carnage.”

“He’s low, he’s hit rock bottom”, Jamie added.

“He [Jay] doesn’t know where to turn which is why he’s resulted to taking drugs. It seems to be problem after problem for him and it’s probably the lowest he’s ever felt.”

No details about a potential exit for Jay have been revealed but soap bosses have a habit of surprising fans.

Many believe his days could be numbered as Jay has been struggling more than anything in Albert Square.

And with Lola’s tragic death still fresh on their minds, viewers are terrified Jay may meet his own shocking demise in upcoming scenes.

But will Jay really be killed off?

If he survived the crash, could his mental state lead him down another dark path?

Who portrays Jay Brown in EastEnders?

The son of Jase Dyer and Karen Brown, Jay Brown has been portrayed by Jamie Borthwick since his first appearance on our screens in late 2006.

Hailing from Barking in London and born on June 23, 1994, Jamie rose to prominence for his portrayal of the beloved mechanic.

His role as Jay Brown even earned him a British Soap Award for Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress in 2008.

However, Jamie’s appearance in the long-running program was not his first role.

The actor initially appeared on mainstream TV as an orphan in the Celebrate Oliver! musical in 2005, where he first met his now EastEnders co-star Shane Richie.

In late 2006, Jamie also had a one-off role in the sitcom Not Going Out and appeared in the Life In The Underpass episode Gina’s Laughing Gear.

Throughout his career, he has remained a loyal resident of Albert Square but is his time there coming to an end?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Jay's loved ones are growing increasingly concerned for him

Jay’s loved ones are growing increasingly concerned for himCredit: BBC
Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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