Is Keanu dead in EastEnders and is he leaving? BBC soap airs shocking death twist

Keanu Taylor looks to have died in EastEnders in a shocking twist on the BBC soap tonight, whilst Nish Panesar also found himself facing death after he was hit on the head with a bottle

Keanu Taylor on EastEnders

Keanu Taylor has died in a shocking twist on EastEnders this evening.

Fans of the BBC soap had tuned in tonight to see who gets unmasked as the Christmas killer – and who finds themselves dead on the floor of the Queen Vic. However, in a surprise twist this evening, Keanu – played by Danny Walters – ended up dead when he was stabbed by Linda in shocking scenes, just as everyone thought it would be Nish.

Goaded by the other women, Suki got Nish to come to the pub where they confronted him and ordered him out of Walford. In a huge confrontation, Denise smashed the bottle over Nish’s head in a bid to get him to let Suki go. But soon, Keanu arrived and realised what had gone on. Horrified by Sharon stopping him from seeing Albie, he went to strangle her as The Six tried to stop him. Linda grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the back, leaving him dead in on the floor.

Back in the Vic, Suki tried to revive Nish Panesar and right at the end of the episode, we saw him breathing. Nish is still alive but what will that mean for Suki and her friends, and will he remember what happened to him?

Whilst we haven’t had complete confirmation he is dead, and Danny is yet to speak out on his exit, it looks like it’s the end of the road after he was stabbed in shocking scenes for attacking Linda.

Just a few weeks ago, Keanu actor Danny teased he wouldn’t be the dead body – and that it could be someone not even related to The Six. Speaking about the big Christmas death ahead of the reveal, he said: “I think there are multiple characters that are potential players for the cufflinks. This is what’s great about the storyline, there’s so many players involved, and anyone attached to those six women, or maybe not even attached to those six women; it could be any of us.”

Danny described his character’s relationship with Sharon as “completely toxic” as he opened up about their romance.

“It’s been an absolute rollercoaster ride of a journey what with his relationship with Sharon, his relationship with his mum, and the relationship with Phil. There’s been ups and downs, there’s been highs and lows, and as I say, the relationship with Keanu and Sharon is so complex and complicated, but it’s beautifully toxic,” he said.

“It’s the light and the shade, and a grey relationship between the characters. I think the audience like the push and pull between them. There’s been a lot of betrayal from both characters over the year, but it’s been very interesting to play.”

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