Is Mick coming back to BBC EastEnders? Danny Dyer’s character’s fate revealed amid new twist

Danny Dyer departed the role as Mick Carter over a year ago but could he be heading back to the Square one day?

Mick Carter on EastEnders

Mick Carter’s fate has been much debated since his shock exit on EastEnders over a year ago – but could he be coming back?

The much-loved character – played by Danny Dyer – seemingly died during huge scenes at Christmas in 2002 when there was a showdown between him and new partner Janine Butcher and ex Linda Carter. The shocking scenes saw Mick jump off a cliff to try and save his nearest and dearest, before ‘drowning’ in the sea. After a number of weeks, police assumed Mick had died – but they never found a body – with fans speculating that he might still be alive and could come back one day.

There has been much debate about whether Mick is actually alive somewhere, given that Cindy Beale – who had been presumed dead years ago – made a shocking return recently as the mysterious Rose Knight. But could Danny Dyer return to EastEnders one day, and will Mick Carter be back in Walford once more to reunite with Linda?

Mick Carter on EastEnders

Could Mick be back one day? 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Asked about the possibility, Danny said: “Anything is possible. Where would he have gone to? He can’t swim. I found it a bit odd.” The soap’s executive producer Chris Clenshaw has also prompted rumours that Mick could still be alive. During a chat earlier this year, he said: “It’s a soap, anything can happen! There’s an unwritten rule – there wasn’t a body so there’s every chance, will Mick rock back up in Walford in a few years covered in seaweed? Will he be the dead body at Christmas?!”

Of course, it turned out he wasn’t the dead body, but with various mentions of Mick in the past few weeks, is this a hint that he could be coming back or has Danny Dyer’s character departed the Square for good?

Danny has been open about his EastEnders exit since he departed all those months ago. “I tell you what it is, I’m lazy. It’s f***ing hard. Thirty pages you’ve got to learn a day. It’s like a film a week,” he explained of filming the final scenes.

“My final scenes were in the sea, in Ramsgate at 2am. We did the exteriors in the sea and the interiors you go to a water tank. But EastEnders couldn’t get Pinewood, so we had to go to Basildon. It’s all warm and lovely but to make it look like the sea they put broccoli juice in it. You smell of a***. It’s f***ing broccoli juice. Warm broccoli juice. It was very emotional, but I stunk. I do miss the people there, there’s no two ways about it but it’s a new chapter for me.”


Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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