Is Sam Mitchell leaving EastEnders? Actress Kim Medcalf’s future on soap revealed after bombshell news

Sam Mitchell star Kim Medcalf has only just made a return to EastEnders but could she be leaving soon after dropping a bombshell on Phil Mitchell and his wife Kat Slater?

Sam Mitchell on EastEnders

Sam Mitchell actress Kim Medcalf has not long returned to EastEnders – but could she be off again?

She has currently made an enemy of her brother Phil Mitchell when she told the whole of the Queen Vic last night that Phil had slept with Emma Harding, the mother of Lola Pearce. After the death of Aunt Sal, Sam had learned that she had been left money in the will but had never received it and blamed Phil for not giving it to her.

When she demanded he give her the money and he refused, given that he had loaned her money already, a fuming Sam tried to work out how she could get the cash off him when a despondent Alfie appeared and let slip that Emma and Phil had slept together.

Sam Mitchell on EastEnders

Sam revealed Phil slept with Lola’s mum Emma 



Armed with the new information, Sam decided to blackmail her brother and he said she could have the money on one condition – that she leaves Albert Square once and for all. “Take it, pack your bags, and get out of my life because I want you gone tonight,” he warned her. Whilst Sam agreed and took the money, she headed to the Queen Vic for Kat and Phil’s joint birthday party where she stood up at the karaoke machine and told everyone – including a stunned Kat – about Emma and Phil.

With her statement made, will now be the time she heads away from the Square? After all, Phil will no doubt be on the war path after her admission about his personal life in the packed pub. Kat will no doubt be shocked by the news, but how will she take it and is this the end for Phil and Kat after a rocky romance, which has also seen Sharon’s son Albie confirmed as Phil’s son and not Keanu’s?

Kim previously confessed she thinks there’s no going back now for the siblings as she explained: “Harold makes a throwaway comment about Aunt Sal leaving her, Phil and Grant an inheritance of £100,000. In true Sam style, she can’t sit on this information for more than a minute so storms over to Phil and says, ‘When were you going to give me this money or even tell me about it?’ The way I played it is that for Sam, she is working for free at Peggy’s to pay that debt off.

“So she thinks, ‘you are not the owner of me. You give me the money and then we’ll decide, but it’s not for you to just leave me out of that equation’. The relationship between Sam and Phil is that he’s always been the bully. She has had a whole lifetime of being told what to do by her big brother. I think Sam realises there is no going back from this. When he gives her the money, he’s so mean. She follows him in, and challenges him again and he continues to stick the knife in. Sam thinks she’s got nothing to lose, she hasn’t really got a brother now. I don’t think she’s doing it to hurt Kat because she thinks Kat is good for Phil.”

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