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Denise Fox issues ultimatum to Jack Branning in EastEnders

The hairstylist returns to Albert Square and makes an infuriating discovery.

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DISCORD comes back to the Fox-Branning household next week as Denise Fox comes back from her holiday to a nasty surprise.

Soon enough, the EastEnders legend issues an ultimatum to her husband Jack Branning. Could it be life-changing?

Denise comes back to nasty surprises in Walford

Denise comes back to nasty surprises in WalfordCredit: BBC
And she's even met with a confrontational Ravi

And she’s even met with a confrontational RaviCredit: BBC
To top it all off, Sam Mitchell has moved into her home

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To top it all off, Sam Mitchell has moved into her homeCredit: BBC

Denise (played by Diane Parish) missed out on a handful of events that have kept BBC One viewers at the edge of their seats.

During her absence, her husband Jack (played by Scott Maslen) has been taking on all sorts of duties – including babysitting as he’s left in charge of his granddaughter Charli next week.

However, it’s soon clear that he’s in over his head with the tot and he calls Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) for help.

Thankfully, Denise soon arrives home from her holiday early, meaning Jack will no longer be alone to take everything in charge.

Denise wants the Walford gossip but before Jack can reveal that Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) is staying with them, she bursts in, much to Denise’s disgust.

Jack launches a charm offensive on Denise to get her to forgive him over the Sam debacle.

However, they fall out again when Denise discovers Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) is back and Jack didn’t tell her.

Things get even wors

Later, Jack turns to Stacey for support before returning home to angry Denise.

Upon his comeback, Denise gives him a harsh ultimatum – either Sam goes, or she will.

In later scenes, Yolande Trueman (Angela Wynter) tries to give Denise relationship advice as she smarts over Jack’s antics.

At the Branning house, Sam understands that she can’t stay and tells Jack that Denise is a good woman and not many people would have taken on his troubled kids.

As Jack shows Sam out, he sees Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) mouthing off at Denise, and isn’t happy due to their chequered past with the gangster.

Denise and Jack reconcile but they are clearly uneasy around each other.

Could this be a hint that their marriage is headed down the drain?

Viewers have rumbled chemistry between Jack Branning and Stacey Slater as they have bonded whilst coming to terms with their young children, Lily and Ricky, becoming parents.

Jack has also tried to help Stacey when Theo Hawthorne was making her life a misery by terrorising her and stalking her.

But could Jack really go through with being unfaithful to his wife Denise?

Will he make her pay for her own infidelity with Ravi?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Jack is reprimanded and viewers have been expecting him to be involved in an affair

Jack is reprimanded and viewers have been expecting him to be involved in an affairCredit: BBC
Could it be with Stacey?

Could it be with Stacey?Credit: BBC

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