Jack Branning grows closer to Stacey Slater in EastEnders

Stacey's bond with Jack grows as she makes a shocking confession

THEO Hawthorne and Stacey Slater are due to meet in court and she’s relying on the support of Jack Branning.

But sparks are flying between both EastEnders characters next week – could they embark on an affair?

Stacey has to face Theo in court next week
Stacey has to face Theo in court next weekCredit: BBC
Jack Branning tries to support her
Jack Branning tries to support herCredit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
But could he betray his wife Denise Fox?
But could he betray his wife Denise Fox?Credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

The copper played by Scott Maslen was devastated when he found out his wife Denise Fox had been canoodling with Ravi Gulati.

However, after months of effort to save their marriage, Jack is apparently ready to throw all the hard work away as he grows increasingly close to Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner).

Could the bap van owner add Jack on to the list of Brannings that have fallen for her charm?

Coming up on BBC One, Jack comforts a drunken Stacey after she tearfully confesses her fears about Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis).

Jack takes Stacey back to No.27 to sober up where Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf), who is temporarily living there, tells him about her dislike of the Slaters.

Once alone, Jack is shocked when Stacey admits that she planted the wrench on Theo to cover up Freddie Slater’s actions and make it look like the creepy teacher tried to attack her.

In doing so, Stacey includes Jack into a massive secret plan concocted by both her and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) on the night Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) brutally assaulted Theo.

At the time, Freddie was struggling to come to terms with the fact that his mother Little Mo had been raped by Graham Foster.

Freddie walked into Stacey’s kitchen and was shocked to find Theo trying to rape her.

But it wasn’t until Theo insisted that Stacey had been leading him on that Freddie let all of his frustrations out on his former teacher.

Eve quickly let Stacey and Freddie know they would have to plead self-defence to help the lad avoid a hefty prison sentence.

Unfortunately, Jack considers putting his duty at the top of his priority list as he tells Stacey that due to his position, he must inform the authorities of her confession.

Stacey details her actions and pleads with Jack to keep quiet, which he reluctantly accepts.

The pair have a heart-to-heart about the past as Stacey is touched by his support.

But could they be tempted to explore their romantic potential, despite Jack being married?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Theo was attacked by Freddie Slater
Theo was attacked by Freddie SlaterCredit: BBC
Eve and Stacey decided to protect the lad
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