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Jay Brown fights for his life after horror accident in EastEnders

Will Jay Brown ever get the help he needs?

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GRIEF-STRICKEN, Jay Brown has been on a downward spiral since his wife Lola Pearce passed away.

The EastEnders mechanic is left in a coma next week after a horrific car crash, but are his days in Albert Square numbered?

Jay Brown has been on a downward spiral for several weeks

Jay Brown has been on a downward spiral for several weeksCredit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Meeting Nadine Keller didn't help him overcome his grief

Meeting Nadine Keller didn’t help him overcome his griefCredit: BBC
He was involved in a horrific accident

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He was involved in a horrific accidentCredit: BBC

BBC One viewers were left in floods of tears when the broadcaster aired Lola Pearce’s final scenes in late May, 2023.

The hairstylist drew her last breath with her daughter Lexi (played by Isabella Brown) and her husband Jay (Jamie Borthwick) by her side, after battling a terminal brain tumour.

Since then, Lola’s family have been trying to get their lives back on track but Jay has been having a hard time as he remains overwhelmed with grief.

This led him straight to a spiral of drug abuse as he met Lola-lookalike Nadine Keller who helped him score ketamine.

Matters went from bad to worse when Jay got behind the wheel as he was involved in a devastating car crash and was left in a coma after being shunned by his own loved ones.

Coming up next week, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) tries desperately to protect Lexi from the reality of Jay’s bleak situation.

However, Lexi is determined to be there for Jay and insists that Ben let her go to the hospital – will she regret it?

At Jay’s hospital bedside, later on, Ben tries to make sense of what happened.

In later scenes, Ben fears Lexi will face more heartache as the police arrive at the hospital with questions about Jay’s accident.

But what will the authorities uncover?

Could Jay lose custody of Lexi altogether?

Will he come out of his accident unscathed?

Life is hard than ever before for the car salesman but can anybody in Walford help him?

A handful of viewers have suspected that Gina Knight could be a source of comfort for Jay as she has struggled with her own issues with drugs in the past.

However, during a chat with Metro.co.uk, Jamie Borthwick revealed another character could be the shoulder Jay needs to lean on.

“Billy (Mitchell) is someone he does look up to and is someone he feels could help him”, the soap star said.

“So, as much as he doesn’t want to talk about it, at least it’s to Billy because he can understand because he’s had his own troubles and dramas in the past.”

When speaking about Jay’s future in the Square, Jamie added: “Jay needs to get away from Walford because being around there is just causing nothing but carnage.”

What’s in store for Jay?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Will Jay ever get help?

Will Jay ever get help?Credit: BBC
Who in his surroundings can bring him the support he needs?

Who in his surroundings can bring him the support he needs?Credit: BBC

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