Jay Brown turns to booze to cope with his grief in EastEnders

STRUGGLING to cope with the death of his late wife Lola Pearce, Jay Brown is spiralling out of control.

After turning to drugs in recent EastEnders scenes, the fan favourite played by Jamie Borthwick drowns his sorrows.

Jay Brown's struggle continues next week

Jay Brown’s struggle continues next weekCredit: BBC
He was recently caught scoring drugs from Nadine

He was recently caught scoring drugs from NadineCredit: BBC
Will he get the support he needs?

Will he get the support he needs?Credit: BBC

The beloved mechanic has been finding it hard to cope without his late wife Lola Pearce who succumbed to a terminal brain tumour earlier this year.

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In recent scenes of the BBC One drama, Jay met a woman named Nadine (played by Jazzy Phoenix) and was able to score ketamine from her.

However, things got out of control for Jay, particularly as Callum Highway (Tony Clay) figured out what he’d been up to.

Coming up next week, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is angry at Callum when news of Jay’s arrest reaches him.

But Jay covers and insists it was only possession of weed that landed him in a cell.

Jay continues to struggle with his grief and asks Gina Knight (Francesca Henry), who has struggled with her own addictions, if she has a drug dealer but she refuses.

Later, Gina invites Ben to The Albert to discuss her concerns about Jay – how will their conversation play out?

Meanwhile, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) runs the idea of scattering Lola’s  ashes past Jay, but he bites back and laments that everyone has moved on from her death besides him.

Jay then gets drunk and raises Honey Mitchell’s (Emma Barton) concerns before the pair have a heartfelt conversation about grief.

In later scenes, Jay meets Nadine who assumes he’s there for more drugs but she gets a massive shock.

After his encounter with Nadine, Jay is full of regret and is later propositioned by Ben who gives him an ultimatum – he has to stop the drugs or he’ll kick him out.

Awash with guilt, Jay promises to do better but things go from bad to worse when Nadine arrives.

Will Jay keep his word?

Could Nadine manage to distract him from his goals?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Jay is still mourning the loss of his wife Lola

Jay is still mourning the loss of his wife LolaCredit: BBC
How will he move on from her?

How will he move on from her?Credit: BBC

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