Keanu’s Christmas death ‘sealed’ as EastEnders fans spot huge clue

EastEnders' Keanu, the EastEnders logo and background of the Thames

his week in EastEnders, Keanu found out about Sharon’s plans to take Albie with her to Abu Dhabi for a year.

Keanu was furious and starting plotting of a way to make Sharon stay put with his son.

Now EastEnders fans have spotted a huge clue that Keanu Taylor’s Christmas death is ‘sealed.’

Keanu was desperate to keep Albie in Walford (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Keanu plotted against Sharon

This week, Sharon had a drink with boxing promoter Dorian and considered taking up a job over in Abu Dhabi.

After some serious consideration, Sharon then told Keanu that she was planning on taking Albie with her.

She was willing to pay for Keanu’s flights over to see Albie when he liked and it wouldn’t be forever.

However, Keanu was furious with Sharon and after realising that he had no rights over Albie, Keanu then conjured up a plan with Karen.

Karen suggested that Keanu tricked Sharon into marrying him so that she wouldn’t leave Walford with his son.

Keanu then set about trying to woo Sharon back so that the wedding could go ahead.

EastEnders' Keanu is drinking
Fans reckon that Keanu is the dead body (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans predict Keanu Christmas death

Now that they’ve heard Keanu’s plan, EastEnders fans have spotted a huge clue that Keanu will end up being the Christmas Day dead body.

They think that his death is ‘sealed’ as Sharon will find out about his plan on their wedding day and kill him at Christmas.

One fan wondered: “So is Keanu the body at Christmas? Because Sharon susses him out and takes revenge?”




Another viewer said: “Now I’m hoping Keanu is the Christmas Day corpse. How dare he trifle with the queen!”

A third fan predicted: “There is only ONE reason the writers are destroying Keanu. He’s getting killed off at Christmas.”

EastEnders flash-forward scene with Suki, Kathy, Stacey, Denise, Sharon and Linda in The Vic alongside a dead body
Is Keanu the dead guy? (Credit: BBC)

Will Keanu die at Christmas?

Someone dies at Christmas and we know that Sharon is wearing a wedding dress in the flashforward.

Suddenly, things don’t look too good for Keanu as he plans to get Sharon to marry him.

But, will Sharon marry Keanu at Christmas? Will she find out about his plan and finish him off in an act of revenge?

EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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