Kody Brown declares himself ‘the devil’ in new ‘Sister Wives’ trailer as two of his wives prepare to leave the family

  • Meri and Janelle Brown will prepare to leave Kody in “Sister Wives” season 18, per TLC’s trailer.
  • Garrison, one of Kody’s sons, says that he and his siblings “don’t need a father figure anymore.”
  • And a distraught Robyn Brown mourns her dream of sitting on a front porch with her sister wives.

Kody Brown feels like he’s watching his family spiral downward to hell, according to his confessional featured in the teaser trailer for season 18 of TLC’s “Sister Wives,” released Thursday.

“I should just be the devil I think I am now,” he tells the camera at one point toward the end of the clip.

Since Kody and his former wife Christine Brown told the world they were separating in November 2021, the world has watched Kody’s polygamous family slowly unravel. Last season, Christine moved from Arizona to Utah to be closer to her children as she and Kody navigated their complicated new post-split dynamic.

And if the trailer below is any indication, in season 18 fans of the show will see what happened after Kody’s first wife Meri Brown and his second wife Janelle Brown decided it was their turn to leave him too.

“I’m growing and I need something different, like I don’t want to be married anymore,” Janelle tells a visibly shocked Christine during one scene featured in the trailer.

Meri is initially shown telling Kody she has “hope” for their relationship, but in a scene midway through the trailer, she tells him and his fourth wife Robyn Brown, “I just wanted you to know I’m not gonna be around anymore. It’s not what I want.”

A distraught Robyn cries because she “wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives with our kids and our grandkids.”

But some of Janelle’s kids appear fine with the news she’s leaving Kody. Her son Garrison Brown declares in the trailer that he and his siblings “don’t need a father figure anymore.”

In the final scene of the trailer, after a brief attempt to get Kody to stay in her house and talk about their relationship, Janelle asks, “Okay, so we’re done? Fuck you.”

Followers of the Brown family already know that Robyn is currently the only wife left in the family that’s romantically involved with Kody. In December 2022, Janelle and Kody announced they were “separated.” Meri followed suit, announcing that the couple ended their “marriage relationship” in January 2023.

It’s unclear if Janelle and Kody officially consider themselves divorced, but they will not have to go through legal proceedings because they were never legally married.

Fans will get to watch it all play out when season 18 of “Sister Wives” premieres August 20 on TLC.


Sister Wives: Will Robyn Also Leave Kody in Season 18?

If you thought the Brown family drama was over, think again. The polygamist clan is returning for season 18 of Sister Wives, and it will be a wild ride. The new season, which premieres on August 20, will follow Kody Brown and his four wives as they deal with the fallout of their crumbling relationships. Last season, fans watched Christine Brown announce her divorce from Kody and move on. This season, they will see how Janelle and Meri also decided to end their marriages and go their separate ways. But what about Robyn, Kody’s only legal wife? Will she also leave him in the new season of Sister Wives? The answer might surprise you.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown The Next Wife To Leave Kody In The Upcoming Season?

The Brown family drama reached a new level with a shocking tell-all finale in January 2023. Kody admitted that he never loved Christine and married her under pressure as she was “asking to be in the family.” Furthermore, he accused her of insulting him in front of their children and portraying him as the villain. On the other hand, Christine expressed her desire to leave the patriarch and relocate to Utah. However, she was not the only wife who decided to end her relationship with Kody.

Janelle also announced that she and Kody had been separated for months. Janelle revealed she was only staying with him out of religious obligation. The couple had an explosive confrontation in the Season 18 trailer, which prompts the star to boot him out of their shared house. Meri, who has been estranged from Kody for years, also decided to terminate her marriage with him permanently. In the teaser, fans saw her tell Kody and Robyn that she’s “not gonna be around” anymore.

Sister Wives

Despite the unfortunate breakups, Robyn, Kody’s star’s legal wife, is the only one still with him, trying to reconsider their bond. A source recently disclosed that Robyn is not one to run away from a marriage. The source also added she doesn’t put up with a lot of s**t, either. Rumors of their divorce have been swirling online, but no firm evidence supports this claim. Moreover, the Sister Wives couple have been spotted together on several occasions, nullifying the gossip surrounding them.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Busted for Lying About His Marital Status

Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently shocked his fans by claiming that he was a “man of wives with NO WIVES” in a Cameo video. Many viewers assumed he had split from his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and was living a single life. However, it turns out that Kody was lying about his marital status, as he was spotted with Robyn at a local festival.

Sister Wives

Some fans speculated that Kody’s video was a publicity stunt for the upcoming season 18 of Sister Wives. However, others were disappointed by Kody’s dishonesty and called him out for lying to them.

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