Lauren confronts Linda after finding out that Annie is her sister

Lauren finally knows about Annie

EastEnders' Linda, Annie, Lauren, the background of the Thames

In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Tuesday, January 9), Lauren decides to speak to Linda after finding out that Annie is her sister.

After Sonia told her that she had a sister in Walford, Lauren is desperate for answers.

But, will Lauren get the chance to meet her little sister Annie in EastEnders spoilers?

Lauren had been kept in the dark (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Lauren questions Linda over Annie

Last night (Monday, January 8), Lauren was released after being bailed out following the airport drugs drama, and returned to Walford to be with her son, Louie.

She then started speaking to Peter, agreeing for him to rustle up some food for her, trying to win her over once again.

Whilst Peter was busy prepping, Lauren went to check in on Penny and soon realised that she’d been the one to plant drugs on her.

Furious that Peter had also known about this but had kept it from her, Lauren took Louie and started getting into a taxi in an attempt to visit Tanya. She realised that she had nothing to stick around for.

However, Sonia then saw Lauren leaving and decided to tell her that she has a sister in Walford, hoping that this would make her stay for longer. She did this despite promising Linda that she’d keep this a secret.

Tonight, Lauren storms into The Vic full of questions, confronting Linda over keeping her sister’s identity a secret. But, will Lauren end up telling Max about Annie?

Elaine wants to protect her daughter (Credit: BBC)

Elaine turns protective

Elaine turns too protective of Linda as she continues to watch her struggle. But, will she give her daughter some breathing space?

Gina gets Peter’s help (Credit: BBC)

Gina enlists Peter’s

Gina manages to get Peter’s help in training Jay up for the London Marathon. But, will they be successful?

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