Linda Carter faces impossible choice in EastEnders as rapist issues her chilling ultimatum

Dean Wicks gets into an explosive altercation with another resident.

SHAKEN by Dean Wicks’ return to the Square, Linda Carter has been struggling to cope with her rape trauma.

But she’s thrown in turmoil next week in EastEnders when the villain is left for dead after a huge fight.

Linda Carter was shaken by Dean Wicks' return

Linda Carter was shaken by Dean Wicks’ returnCredit: BBC
But Dean's new venture is sabotaged next week

But Dean’s new venture is sabotaged next weekCredit: BBC
And Linda is put in a horrific position to help George Knight

And Linda is put in a horrific position to help George KnightCredit: BBC

Nine years have passed since Linda Carter (played by Kellie Bright) was raped by Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo).

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And while she managed to remain on top of her trauma, old wounds were reopened when Dean resurfaced in Walford as Cindy Beale’s new business partner.

Despite the protests of residents around her, including those from her two daughters Anna and Gina, Cindy has had no choice but to go ahead with the business.

Coming up on BBC One, it’s launch day for the Beales’ pie and mash shop, but Dean is furious to see the word “rapist” written in graffiti across the window.

Firmly convinced that Linda is to blame, Dean has a nasty confrontation with her and the Knights in front of a crowd where he states he can sue the landlady for slander.

As regular viewers of the London-based drama will remember, Dean was never convicted for raping Linda, meaning she runs the risk of heavy legal repercussions, despite her really being his victim.

Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) and George Knight (Colin Salmon) are worried legal action could result in her losing the pub.

After seeking advice from Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), Linda reluctantly goes to strike a truce with Dean.

When her efforts to cool the situation fail, Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and Cindy (Michelle Collins) demand that Dean back down or their business will never take off.

But during a tense stand-off upstairs at The Vic, George lashes out at Dean, who falls down the stairs and lies motionless at the bottom.

Linda, George and Cindy are all in shock as they rush to Dean following his fall.

Cindy immediately calls the ambulance, telling everyone she didn’t see what happened – which makes her husband furious as he knows she’s covering for George.

While at the hospital, Ian begs Cindy not to lie for George as it could lead her straight to prison again and she agrees to tell the police the truth.

But what will she do when she discovers her ex-husband is on a suspended sentence and could go to prison for assaulting Dean?

The situation grows increasingly dire, prompting Linda to take matters into her own hands, which lands her in a huge moral dilemma.

She could even have to lie in order to get George in the clear.

Linda broods but she’s horrified when her mother Elaine makes it clear she wants her to say whatever it takes to get George off the hook.

Later on, the pub landlady struggles with the impact the fight and its aftermath have had on her.

The fan favourite character has a penchant for the bottle and resorts to drinking in tough situations.

Could she relapse into her alcoholism as a result of the pressure weighing on her?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Will Linda lie to save George?

Will Linda lie to save George?Credit: BBC
How will she cope with the pressure?

How will she cope with the pressure?Credit: BBC

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