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Molly Rainford reveals ‘cool and hard-hitting’ story for Anna as she nails down EastEnders future

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EastEnders photo shows Anna Knight (Molly Rainford) offering George (Colin Salmon) and Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) an explanation in The Queen Vic
2024 could be a busy year for Anna (Picture: BBC)

Molly Rainford has been speaking about her future at EastEnders as well as teasing an exciting ‘hard-hitting’ storyline for her character.

The actress and singer made her arrival to Walford last year. Molly plays Anna Knight, sister of Gina (Francesca Henry) and daughter of George (Colin Salmon). The Knight family, along with Elaine (Harriet Thorpe), live at and run the Queen Vic pub with Linda Carter (Kellie Bright).

Most recently, Anna and Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) have been spending a lot of time with each other – much to Cindy’s (Michelle Collins) annoyance.

Prior to the discovery Peter (Thomas Law) is Anna and Gina’s brother, it became apparent Bobby had a crush on Anna.

They are now enjoying hanging out, but because of Cindy’s view on Bobby – who murdered her daughter Lucy Beale – it hasn’t left her best pleased.

As this storyline continues, it won’t be long until a new narrative begins for Anna. Molly, who is in a relationship with KISS DJ Tyler West, has teased what’s ahead for her character, promising that it’s ‘very emotional, hardhitting for all the family, but very cool to play’.

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Anna and Bobby on a date at Walford East in EastEnders
Anna and Bobby recently went on a date (Picture: BBC)

She continued to The Sun: ‘I’m hoping to be a legacy character, I love the show, I’ve always loved it since I was little and just to be on it with people that I’ve watched for that long is an honour but hopefully.

Reflecting on who she’d like Anna to interact with next, Molly added: ‘I’d love to work more with the Slaters, they are are iconic and Phil Mitchell, I’ve not done many with him but I can imagine it’s scary.’

Anna’s dad George faced an emotional ordeal recently when his adoptive parents Gloria and Eddie (Elizabeth Counsell and Christopher Fairbank) arrived

Shortly after they got settled in, Gloria and Eddie revealed to George that he was adopted via a process called child farming, which means they had been paid to take him in as a baby, before eventually legally adopting him.

This has left George unsure about his heritage – but will he ever get the answers he needs?

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