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Sam blackmails Phil over his fling with Emma

Sam's got the dirt and she's determined to dish it!

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Sam and Phil on an EastEnders background

EastEnders spoilers have revealed Sam Mitchell blackmailing her brother Phil over his saucy hook-up with Lola’s mum, Emma.

Sam wants to get her mitts on some family money and she thinks blackmailing Phil is the best way to get it.

Hmm. Is she right?

Read on to find out the full story in EastEnders spoilers.

The Mitchells gather for Aunt Sal’s funeral (Credit: BBC)

Goodbye, Aunt Sal

It’s the day of Aunt Sal’s funeral and the Mitchells have gathered to pay their respects. Sam’s determined to make Ben and Billy attend, but her brother Phil isn’t convinced by her sudden devotion to the family.

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Aunt Sal’s husband Harold is there, obviously, to say farewell to his wife. His moving eulogy leaves most of the congregation – including Phil! – in tears.

Later, Sam has a chat with Harold and she’s shocked to discover Aunt Sal left her, Phil and Grant £100,000.

Thinking this could solve her money troubles, Sam demands her share from Phil, but he refuses.

Sam’s shocked by what Harold has to say (Credit: BBC)

Spilling the beans

Sam gets lucky after the funeral, though, when Alfie reveals everything he knows about Phil’s illicit hook-up with Emma.

Spotting her chance, Sam heads to Peggy’s to blackmail Phil into handing over her inheritance.

The next day, it’s Phil and Kat’s joint birthday party at The Vic. Elaine’s in charge, with Jean keeping her right!

But there’s not much fun in store for Phil, because he’s still being blackmailed by Sam, though he’s refusing to budge.

Sam knows the truth! (Credit: BBC)

The truth is out!

Kat’s concerned though – she knows something’s up – and when she spots Ben and Phil having a conversation in the Square, she confronts her stepson. Ben, though, covers for his dad. As usual!

At the party, Phil finally gives in to Sam‘s demands and relieved, has a heart-to-heart with Kat.

But the warm and fuzzy moment takes a turn when Sam takes the mic and reveals that Phil slept with Emma!


Kat’s reeling, and Sam’s not popular!

What will the fallout be?

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