Sister Wives: Janelle Brown GRABS Kody’s Jacket, As Fight Turns Physical In Season 18!

It’s over! After nearly three decades of marriage, Janelle Brown has finally had enough of Kody Brown’s antics and attitude. The Sister Wives star is not holding back her feelings and words further as she confronts her husband in a fiery showdown in the latest trailer of Season 18. In the new season of the hit TV show, which premieres on August 20, fans will witness the explosive fight that ended their relationship for good. But what led to their unfortunate debate? Scroll below to learn all the juicy details about Janelle and Kody’s breakup and how it affects their polygamous lifestyle.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Involved In A Physical Altercation In Shocking Breakup Scene!

Before the new season of Sister Wives started, Janelle and Kody’s marriage was already shaky. Janelle felt neglected and disrespected by Kody, who hardly spent time with her or her children. Moreover, she felt that Kody imposed strict rules that limited her freedom and happiness. Additionally, Janelle felt that she had to choose between her children and the group and did not belong in the family. These issues reached a boiling point in a heated conversation where Kody blamed her for ruining their marriage.

Sister Wives

Janelle attempted to get Kody to listen to her perspective, but he kept cutting her off. He allegedly pointed his finger at her face. She then lost her temper and told Kody to “shut your f**ing mouth and let me talk to you for a minute.” He refused and got up to leave, but she grabbed his jacket and told him to stay and talk to her. Janelle got physical with Kody as she tried to stop him from leaving. However, he pulled away and said he was done listening to her while Janelle asked him if he had confirmed this. He said goodbye and walked out while she yelled: “F**k you.”


This was not the first time that Janelle and Kody fought on camera. In previous seasons, they had clashed over various issues, such as their living arrangements and parenting styles. However, this was the most intense and emotional fight they ever had, signaling the end of their relationship. Janelle decided that she could not continue living with his rules and wanted to be happy on her terms.

Sister Wives: Fans Applaud Janelle For Standing Up to Kody

The trailer for the newest season of Sister Wives has dropped, showing Janelle Brown shaking off Kody Brown in a fiery confrontation. In the trailer, she tells him to “shut your f***ing mouth and let me talk to you.” The verbal confrontation soon turned worse as he accused her of ruining their marriage.

Fans of the show were shocked and impressed by Janelle’s bold move to stand up for herself and her children. Many fans commented on the trailer’s YouTube link and expressed their support and admiration for Janelle. One viewer wrote that they were glad to see Janelle’s claws finally come out, while another said that her line was the best spoken on the show. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for all more updates on the topic.

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