Strictly’s Dianne Buswell breaks silence passionate near-kiss with Bobby Brazier

Strictly Come Dancing pro dancer Dianne Buswell and her celebrity partner Bobby Brazier have broken their silence after their steamy Argentine Tango sent tongues wagging

Strictly Come Dancing’s Dianne Buswell and Bobby Brazier have spoken out for the first time since their passionate near-kiss.

On Saturday night (November 4) the dancing duo took to the infamous BBC ballroom where they performed a steamy Argentine Tango to Sail by AWLONATION. The pair finished in the middle of the leaderboard, earning a respectable 30 points out of 40.

Their sizzling routine soon sent tongues wagging when the pro dancer, 34, and the EastEnders hunk, 20, when the almost kissed at the end of the heated routine. At the end of the dance, Dianne slid over on her knees into Bobby’s arms as they embraced with their foreheads pressed together.

On Tuesday (November 7) the pair appeared on Good Morning Britain together where they discussed the tantalising moment. At the end of the show, the Aussie beauty joined Susanna Reid and Ed Balls on the show while her co-star joined them via a video link after he got stuck in traffic.

Strictly’s Dianne Buswell addresses passionate near-kiss with Bobby Brazier
Strictly’s Dianne Buswell addresses passionate near-kiss with Bobby Brazier (Image: BBC)
Leaving Dianne in the studio alone, the ITV hosts were quick to poke fun at the actor for his tardiness. He apologised, saying: “I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry guys, forgive me.”

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The model went on to blame Dianne for his absence, adding: “You didn’t call me this morning, usually she calls me!” The fiery beauty was quick to defend herself, insisting: “I do, but this morning I was too busy getting myself ready.”

The pair then discussed the public reaction to their steamy routine at the weekend. Dianne explained: “The thing I love so much about dancing is being able to tell a story. It’s like acting, isn’t it?

Bobby Brazier was forced to call into the show after getting stuck in traffic
Bobby Brazier was forced to call into the show after getting stuck in traffic (Image: ITV)

“We obviously did the dance the correct way if people are saying that [romance rumours] then we did a good job with it.”

Bobby confessed that the Tango had been his favourite dance routine on the show to date. He confessed: “The story and the intensity and the emotion of it, I loved. Listen, I am ready to turn it all the way up! I enjoy it.”

It comes after the soap star hit back at a fan who complained about feeling “uncomfortable” watching their routine. Taking to Instagram, the viewer fumed that their performance overstepped the line.

The pair were proud of their work because they'd "danced the correct way"
The pair were proud of their work because they’d “danced the correct way” (Image: BBC)

They wrote: “Love Dianne she’s an amazing dancer and teacher and like Bobby but it felt uncomfortable to watch for me and the end kiss was far too intense. The dance was impeccable just don’t like how intimate it looked.”

Bobby was quick to respond to their criticism by simply adding: “Job done.” It is understood that ever since the pair were partnered up together, the Aussie beauty has been “hit hard” over the scrutiny of her five-year relationship with Joe Sugg due to her close bond with Bobby.

The professional dancer is said to be upset over “cruel remarks” after Bobby declared his love for her. Sources close to Dianne say she is “very much still together” with the 32-year-old YouTuber but is feeling down after being bombarded with taunts from fans online.

The Aussie beauty has been "hit hard" by the romance rumours
The Aussie beauty has been “hit hard” by the romance rumours (Image: BAFTA via Getty Images)

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The insider told The Mirror: “The cruel remarks she has read about her relationship with Bobby – who has been really supportive – have hit her hard. Her and Joe are still very much together and he had also been very supportive, and made it clear publicly that he has her back.”

Bobby and Dianne first declared their love for each other on Lorraine as they talked about their close bond. The soap star said: “We spend so much time together [in rehearsals] all day every day together.”

Dianne chimed in with: “So if we didn’t like each other, that would be an issue!” Bobby added: “There are times when I don’t like you but then there are times would be an issue!”

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