‘Struggling’ Bobby Brazier ‘has already reached end of road’ before BBC Strictly final

The EastEnders actor has made it to the grand finale - but is unlikely to win opposite Coronation Street star Ellie Leach and West End performer Layton Williams

Bobby Brazier has done well to reach the Strictly Come Dancing finale – but doesn’t stand a change of winning, one expert predicts.

The 20-year-old EastEnders actor was an early favourite to win the 2023 season of the BBC’s long-running dance contest when he was first announced as a contestant back in August. And as the weeks have gone by, the TV star has wowed the live studio audience and viewers tuning in at home with his breathtaking routines that have been choreographed by his dance partner Dianne Buswell, 34.

But other dancers have advanced at a more impressive speed – with Coronation Street star Ellie Leach, 22, and her dance partner Vito Coppola, 31, and West End actor Layton Williams, 29, and his dance partner Nikita Kuzmin, 25, racing to the final after securing top marks from the judges. Last week, Bobby and Dianne were in the bottom two where they avoided elimination after the judges voted to save them over tennis star Annabel Croft, 57, and her dance partner Johannes Radebe, 36.

However, the experience of being in the bottom is likely to have shaken the confidence of Bobby – and it is unlikely he will recover to snatch the Glitterball Trophy, according to one expert. Speaking to Betfair Bingo, body language expert Darren Stanton has shared his thoughts on Bobby and Dianne’s chances.


A body language expert predicts Bobby Brazier and Dianne Buswell will fail to win Strictly Come Dancing 



He said: “I definitely believe Bobby and Dianne are the weakest couple going into the final. They don’t display the same level of rapport and connection compared to the other partnerships. Based on their non verbal gestures, it’s clear the pair have reached the end of the road.

“They’ve been through so much together, but they appear to be exhausted. They are both tired out. If you look at the footage now, compared to when they started on the show, they aren’t showing the same levels of passion and determination.”

Darren continued: “What was more interesting with Bobby and Dianne during the bottom two is that they looked so much more pensive. I truly believe that they thought they were going to be leaving.

“They didn’t believe in their hearts that they were going to go through. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and determination in order for Bobby and Dianne to pull it out the bag during the final.

“While they seem to have developed a strong bond over the course of the series, the final will be a huge test for them. Layton and Ellie have remained consistent, so I think Bobby may struggle.”

Bobby and Dianne have drawn attention from some fans who have been curious to see the pair develop a deep personal friendship alongside their impressive professional relationship on the dance floor. There has been speculation that Bobby is infatuated with Dianne – with rumours being fuelled by words from the actor himself who has freely declared his “love” for the Aussie dance beauty.

Bobby declared back in October: “I could speak about Dianne all day. She’s just a diamond – you know what, I’m falling in love with her. She’s just great. I feel very lucky.” Dianne, of course, is dating YouTube star Joe Sugg, 32, who she met on the show back in 2018.

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