Three huge BBC EastEnders theories: beloved resident returns to the Square and stalker’s real plan revealed

CHRISTMAS is fast approaching and soap fans are growing more eager to find what’s ahead in the Square.

Drama continues to unfold in EastEnders this week and one beloved character could easily come back in the wake of a shock attack.

Will Keanu Taylor be killed off?
Will Keanu Taylor be killed off?Credit: BBC
Karen comes up with a plan against Sharon Watts
Karen comes up with a plan against Sharon WattsCredit: BBC

1. Christmas murder victim confirmed

Sharon Watts and Keanu Taylor were ready to tie the knot earlier this year but in a shocking twist, the pair called off their engagement and are trying to remain civil to co-parent their son Albie.

But hard feelings are growing strong between both characters as Keanu (played by Danny Walters) is keen to spend more time with Albie.

Matters will be going from bad to worse for them as Sharon (Letitia Dean) spends time with a man named Dorian and there’s a hint of romance in the air.

Instead of helping the situation and smoothing things over, Keanu’s mother Karen (Lorraine Stanley) will unknowingly add fuel to the fire.

Coming up on BBC One, Keanu is less than impressed to see Dorian give Sharon flowers and a kiss on the cheek.

He decides to take Albie out for the day without running it by her, and Karen takes great delight in refusing to tell Sharon where they’ve gone.

Later on, Sharon storms over and threatens to call the police if Keanu and Albie don’t return soon.

Keanu arrives back in the nick of time, and a big row ensues as Sharon demands to know where they’ve been.

Following the argument from the day before, Keanu apologises to Sharon, but she insists they need a third-party arbitrator when they discuss Albie’s childcare arrangements.

Flanked by Karen, Keanu then meets with Sharon and her solicitor, and she drops a bombshell.

Another nasty confrontation ensues in The Vic between Karen and Sharon and the former returns home with a devious plan.

Keanu is pushed by his mother to agree to it – but will he really go through with it?

Christmas in Albert Square will be more explosive than ever according to a flash-forward scene aired in February, 2023.

The whodunnit was teased with six of Walford’s most iconic ladies, including Sharon Watts who was seen wearing a wedding dress.

Many viewers have suspected that Keanu could be the unknown corpse found in the Vic due to Sharon’s attire.

Could Karen’s plan be confirmation he will die?

To top it all off, actress Lorraine Stanley will leave the London-based program and give up the role of Karen Taylor.

Will Karen leave broken-hearted after the death of her son Keanu?

Speculation about Karen’s upcoming exit has been rife and while it would make sense for her to leave if her beloved son was killed off, a handful of fans have theorised another exit for her.

According to them, Karen is likely to be killed herself in her launderette as Kathy Beale’s café is set ablaze, most likely by a cash-strapped Rocky Cotton in an insurance claim scam.

Will Keanu be killed off in December?

Could his mother meet a similar fate?

Is Stacey Theo's only target?
Is Stacey Theo’s only target?Credit: BBC

2. Stalker’s true target revealed

Meanwhile, Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) has left fans in shock as he broke into No.31 and attempt to rape Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) last week.

But before he took action, he faced a court hearing as Stacey grew increasingly desperate to keep him away from her.

The owner of Stacey’s Baps tried to file a Stalking Protection Order against the vile teacher but her request was categorically refused.

In a shocking twist, Theo was revealed to have put up posters of Stacey from her Secret Cam work in the Square and it was also made clear that he was using social media to target her and her loved ones.

Last week, Theo was shown on his Facebook account and several other profiles were included, from Freddie Slater’s father Graham Foster to Eve Unwin’s late twin sister Erica.

Other accounts featured Bradley Branning and Stacey herself.

This has led fans to believe that Stacey isn’t Theo’s only target – could he be aiming to hurt Freddie, among others?

“The Theo-Graham twist at the end was pretty interesting. I’m curious where they’re taking that one. Is this going to be linked to Freddie’s upcoming exit?!”

If so, what would be his motive?

Will a beloved character come back to support Freddie?
Will a beloved character come back to support Freddie?Credit: BBC

3. Beloved character comes back

As mentioned above, Theo tried to attack Stacey in her home after she was refused a Stalking Protection Order.

Unfortunately for him, he was caught red-handed by his former pupil Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier).

And when he told the lad Stacey had led him on, Freddie brutally lashed out against him, leaving the teacher for dead in his cousin’s kitchen.

Freddie, who is clearly still struggling with the revelation that his mother was raped by Graham Foster, was arrested following the assault as actor Bobby Brazier is taking part in the 21st series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Could this prompt his mother Little Mo to return to Walford?

Viewers have been hoping to see actress Kacey Ainsworth reprise the role, particularly as Freddie tries to come to terms with his parentage.

Could Freddie’s legal trouble be her time to shine once again as Little Mo tries to support her son?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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