Two shock EastEnders exits planned as fan favourites finally reunite

The lovers run the risk of facing a murderous Nish Panesar.

SUKI Panesar sacrificed her happiness with Eve Unwin for the benefit of her family but she has a change of heart next week.

The EastEnders businesswoman plans her exit from Albert Square – but she won’t be leaving alone. Will Eve leave with her?

Suki gets candid about how unhappy she really is with Nish

Suki gets candid about how unhappy she really is with NishCredit: BBC
Meanwhile, Eve has a new oman in her life

Meanwhile, Eve has a new oman in her lifeCredit: BBC
How will Vinny support his mother?

How will Vinny support his mother?Credit: BBC

BBC One viewers were heartbroken when Suki Panesar (portrayed by Balvinder Sopal) called time on her extra-marital relationship with Eve Unwin (Heather Peace).

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At the time, Suki was trapped in her marriage to Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) by her own son Vinny (Shiv Jalota) who uncovered the affair and was ready to tell his father all about it.

But when Suki catches her husband with another woman next week, Vinny has a change of heart – and she can finally plan ahead.

Coming up, Vinny Panesar worries as his mother shows the signs of stress and exhaustion while Priya Nandra-Hart (Sophie Khan Levy) argues with Ravi (Aaron Thiara).

Later on, Vinny discovers Suki never picked up her prescription for anti-depressants from the doctor.

Nish then steps in to resolve a problem with Avani’s passport, and a grateful Priya tells her daughter she will make sure he loves having them around.

But when she passionately kisses him, Nish is horrified – especially when he realises Suki and Vinny are stood in the doorway.

In later scenes, Nish is appalled when Suki accuses him of enjoying the kiss and sends Priya packing.

At the Minute Mart, Suki is cut deep to see her former lover Eve Unwin happy with her new lady, Tessa.

She convinces Nish to give Priya another chance so they can keep their granddaughter close, knowing that having lots of family around will mean she doesn’t have to be alone with him.

When Vinny privately questions Suki on being so forgiving, she lets rip about the depth of her unhappiness in her marriage and how much she hates Nish.

Devastated, Vinny tells Suki that he’s had a change of heart – if she wants to be with Eve, he will no longer stand in her way.

Nish sticks his nose into Minute Mart business, enraging an increasingly desperate Suki.

Eve spots the argument, and Suki asks if they can talk before revealing that Vinny has given his blessing to them being together.

However, Eve doesn’t want to go back to a closeted relationship now she’s got Tessa.

Later, Suki tells Vinny she’s going to leave Nish and start a new life, giving her son the chance to back her up.

Suki puts the final touches on her plan to leave and writes a goodbye letter to Nish.

As Vinny rallies round to get her the cash to tide her over, finally deciding his mother’s happiness is more important, Suki makes a last-chance plea to Eve to come with her.

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), however, is completely against the idea of Eve and Suki rekindling their relationship.

She advises Eve to look to the future with Tessa, not the past with Suki, but Eve is torn.

Will Eve give up on her budding romance and go after Suki?

Could both women finally get their happy ending and leave Walford together?

Or has Eve completely turned over a new leaf and given up on Suki?

Despite ending their affair, Suki has remained present for Eve in times of need, most notably when she faced her twin sister’s killer Caz.

Unable to forget their chemistry, many viewers of the London-based program have begged soap bosses to bring “Sukeve” back on their screens.

But their story still has potential to end in tears and tragedy as Suki’s controlling husband Nish once murdered a man he believed his wife was sleeping with.

How will things play out for the illicit lovers?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Vinny decides to let his mother be happy

Vinny decides to let his mother be happyCredit: BBC
But will she manage to get Eve back?

But will she manage to get Eve back?Credit: BBC

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