‘Uncomfortable’ BBC EastEnders fans slam ‘gross’ storyline as they demand character is killed off

EastEnders viewers were sickened by the latest episode of the BBC soap, admitting Dean Wicks possibly dying at Christmas wouldn't be enough to defend the 'uncomfortable' twist

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EastEnders viewers were left calling out a ‘sick’ twist on the BBC soap involving Dean Wicks and Linda Carter.

Linda was left in pieces as she was cruelly blackmailed over a recent incident, which saw George Knight knock Dean down the stairs in a showdown. In the fallout, Dean was pushing the agenda that George deliberately threw him down the stairs and almost killed him, with Linda desperate to stop George from going to prison.

As Linda begged Dean to tell the police it was an accident, Tuesday’s episode saw him blackmail her by telling her the only way he’d call the police off, is if Linda revealed “the truth” about what happened between them in 2014. Dean raped Linda on the BBC soap in that year, but he got away with the crime.

Dean left a couple of years after, but recently he returned to Walford and claimed the pair had has consensual sex, and that Linda was lying. Now, he’s refusing to leave despite Walford residents wanting him gone, and he is making Linda’s life hell.

He’s still trying to convince people that he was innocent and had been vilified for no reason, while Walford residents don’t believe him. Now, he’s using the assault to convince Linda that she needs to tell the “truth” and tell residents he did not rape her – which is a lie.

EastEnders viewers were sickened by the latest episode of the BBC soap

EastEnders viewers were sickened by the latest episode of the BBC soap 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Sickened viewers know full well Dean did rape Linda, and his denial of the entire incident is leaving them furious – with Linda and her loved ones also infuriated. But with Linda desperate to protect George, she was seen considering lying about her rape ordeal in the latest episode.

What she wasn’t anticipating though was Dean recording her fake confession, clearly planning to use it against her in disgusting scenes. Viewers were horrified and “uncomfortable” as Linda met up with Dean, and gave him the fake confession he so desired.

As she left the room though, sobbing in distress over what he made her do, she had no idea Dean was playing back the recording. Happy that he’d got “proof” of her confessing to the rape being a “lie”, Dean looked on clearly planning to use it against her.

Viewers slammed the episode and the storyline, suggesting it was too far – as many called for Dean to leave the show immediately. Some admitted that Dean being the Christmas murder victim, who has yet to be identified, would not be enough to justify the latest twist.

Taking to X, one viewer posted: “This Linda/Dean storyline has taken a turn and I don’t like it at all. Elaine can do one too.” Another said: “Tonight’s #EastEnders episode is gross. This Dean and Linda SL is sick. Even if it’s leading up to Dean being killed off or something, it’s not worth this.”

A third viewer said: “Someone needs to sort dean out because Jesus Christ, as a fourth viewer wrote: “Yeah I don’t like where this is going, really uncomfortable to watch. Please say we’re getting rid of Dean soon.” A fifth viewer added: “chris clenshaw you’re EVIL for writing dean to record that, that is f**king awful i feel sick.”

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