Köln 50667

Vorsicht Spoiler⚠️: Die “Köln 50667”-Wochenvorschau vom 13.05.- 17.05.2024

SPOILER-ALARM: So spannend geht es bei "Köln 50667" diese Woche weiter! Deine "Köln 50667"-Vorschau für die ganze Woche - exklusiv bei RTLZWEI!

Der “Köln 50667”-Wochentrailer: Lea legt sich mit den Dealern an!

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Nicks Mutter hat 6.000 Euro von ihren Dealern gestohlen und ist nun verschwunden, ebenso wie Nick selbst! Dadurch gerät Luise ins Visier und wird bedroht. Als Lea und Ben davon erfahren, schmieden sie einen riskanten Plan, um sich mit den Dealern zu treffen… Erfahre mehr im Wochentrailer!

“Köln 50667” – Weekly Preview: May 13-17, 2024

Achtung Spoiler!

This week’s episodes of “Köln 50667” are packed with drama, danger, and unexpected twists and turns.

Monday, May 13 (Episode 2858):

  • Max remains firm in his decision to distance himself from Ariana after her betrayal and theft from the club. However, Ariana might soften his heart with a sentimental gesture.

Tuesday, May 14 (Episode 2859):

  • Luise manages to escape the clutches of Nick’s menacing creditors and discovers their whereabouts. While Luise envisions a future free from danger, Nick sees no other option than to commit one last major crime to pay off his debts and ensure their safety.

Wednesday, May 15 (Episode 2860):

  • As Nick’s desperate plan takes shape, he faces unexpected obstacles and must make difficult choices that could have far-reaching consequences.

Thursday, May 16 (Episode 2861):

  • Barbie’s plans for a life with Andre are threatened when he reveals his true nature, forcing her to confront a harsh reality and make a life-altering decision.

Friday, May 17 (Episode 2862):

  • Michelle’s desire to deepen her relationship with Emma is met with challenges, leading to frustration and a potential setback in their connection.

Remember: These are just previews, and the actual episodes may differ slightly. Tune in to RTLZWEI to watch the full drama unfold!

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