What did Dean do to Roxy in EastEnders? Past storyline revisited in tragic Gina twist

Dean Wicks' past with Roxy Mitchell has been referenced multiple times in EastEnders as her daughter Amy tries to stop Gina Knight from getting hurt

Dean Wicks and Roxy Mitchell

Dean Wicks has a heartbreaking past with Roxy Mitchell on EastEnders.

The villainous character – played by Matt Di Angelo – has caused nothing but trouble since his return to Walford a few months back. As he started up a new relationship with Gina Knight, fans have been growing increasingly worried for the young resident.

Dean tragically raped Linda in tragic scenes a few years’ back whilst he also had a past with Roxy Mitchell, leading to her daughter Amy trying to warn Gina to be careful around him. Back when he was on the soap the previous time, Dean was in a relationship with girlfriend Roxy Mitchell when one night he tried to rape her, leaving fans devastated.

Dean Wicks and Gina Knight

Dean Wicks and Gina Knight have struck up a romance 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Now with Gina, fans are worried for her as she seems smitten on Dean. Cindy Beale – Gina’s mother – has offered Dean a chance to leave the Square for good in exchange for £60,000 and breaking up with Gina, but will he go through with it?

Speaking about his return, he said: “In all honesty, he doesn’t want to come back to Walford. He’s sort of forced back there because his daughter, Jade is very ill. She has cystic fibrosis and needs a transplant, which has to be done at the hospital nearby. Dean has to live there so he’s on call for her appointments and in case the transplant comes through, and they need to move fast. He’s reluctant because he knows the repercussions of returning, but ultimately, he has to help his family. Dean also needs to make a living whilst he’s there, so he’s invested in a new business, which will be revealed as Cindy and Ian’s new pie and mash shop, Beale’s Eels.

“It felt like the right time for me, but also for Dean. When Mick was alive, Dean wouldn’t have dared to come back to the Square because there’s no way Mick would have stood for it. Rightly so, because what Dean did to Linda is unforgiveable and even his parents Shirley and Buster turned their backs on him. But now Mick’s dead, I think it’s opened up that door to allow Dean to return as Linda doesn’t have him there to back her up. Without Mick, Dean can twist the narrative.”

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