Where BBC Boat Story fans have seen Guy star Craig Fairbrass before from EastEnders to Netflix show

Craig Fairbrass is currently starring in BBC's dark new thriller Boat Story, which follows two ordinary characters stumble upon illegal drugs on a boat and decide to sell it

BBC viewers have been left hooked on new dark thriller Boat Story.

The new violent series follows two ordinary people and strangers, Janet (Daisy Haggard) and Samuel (Paterson Joseph), who stumble upon illegal drugs on a boat and decide to sell it in a bid to solve their problems. However, they don’t realise that gangster, known as The Tailor (Tchéky Karyo), is on their tail, as well as the police.

In the new show, Craig Fairbrass plays henchman Guy, who works for The Tailor and is tasked with retrieving the lost shipment of illegal drugs. Viewers will have seen actor Craig before as this isn’t his first time appearing on BBC or TV, but what programmes has the familiar face appeared in?

BBC viewers have been hooked on new dark thriller Boat Story

Craig Fairbrass plays henchman Guy in new BBC series Boat Story 


BBC/Two Brothers/Matt Squire)

Outside of his new role, Craig, 59, has a slew of credits to his name and he is best known for playing villain Dan Sullivan on EastEnders from 1999 to 2001. The Walford heartbreaker was 34-years-old when he first appeared on EastEnders in June 1999. Playing Dan, the love rat who cheated on Carol Jackson with her daughter Bianca, he was never far from trouble. He may have only hung around for two years but he left a mess behind after run-ins with Phil Mitchell and Steve Owen.

The actor has also starred in the Rise of the Footsoldier franchise over the years, as well as 2020 film Villain. More recently, Craig starred in Netflix’s fantasy series One Piece as Chef Zeff. Viewers were quick to react to Craig in Boat Story as one person said: “Craig Fairbrass! Top Man! F***ING Top Man! #BoatStory on @BBCOne and @BBCiPlayer and @bbceastenders get Dan Sullivan back to tear up the Square in 2024!! It’s happening #EastEnders”, while a different account put: “Brilliant @craigfairbrass is in #BoatStory with a stellar cast as well!”, adding: “Dan Sullivan back to @bbceastenders would be [perfect emoji].”

Craig played Dan Sullivan in EastEnders

Craig played Dan Sullivan in EastEnders 



It comes as Boat Story has been winning praise from TV fans who have branded it the best show to come from the broadcaster in years – while others have found it so violent they’ve been unable to sleep after watching.

Taking to X, one TV fan gushed: “Boat Story’s first episode was excellent. Dark, funny, turn-the-page compelling.” And another confessed: “Binge watched Boat Story on BBC iplayer. If it doesn’t win every BAFTA going, something’s wrong. 10/10.” Another gushed: “Casting, dialogue, humour, story, visuals, score are all epic. Best thing I’ve seen on BBC in years.” But others claimed the scenes of violence were leaving them unable to sleep, with one TV fan writing: “How good was this for a Sunday Nights TV was wide awake after it.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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