Who did Lucas Johnson kill in EastEnders?

The murderer has been banged up multiple times - but is now back in ex-wife Denise Fox's life

Who has Lucas Johnson killed in EastEnders? - Heart

EASTENDERS’ serial killer Lucas Johnson has made a shock return to the soap, leaving fans open-mouthed.

Before his heinous crimes caught up with him, the Walford murderer went on a killing spree.

Lucas Johnson murdered five Walford residents before he was locked up

Lucas Johnson murdered five Walford residents before he was locked upCredit: BBC

Who is Lucas Johnson on EastEnders?

Lucas Johnson first arrived on EastEnders in 2008 as the husband of Denise Fox and the father of Chelsea, whom he abandoned as a baby.

In his early life, he was known for being a criminal and involved in drugs, but following the death of his best friend, Jordan, vowed to turn his life around.

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However, during his time in Albert Square Lucas began a killing spree, after his past caught up with him.

In total he killed five victims, which included his drug-addict ex-wife.

Lucas is played by actor Don Gilet, who has played the role on and off since 2008.

Away from the soap, fans may also recognise him from Death in Paradise, Doctor Who, Holby City, Shetland, and Netflix’s hit The Stranger.

Who did Lucas kill in EastEnders?

Lucas was sent to prison in 2011 after his killing spree saw five Walford residents lose their lives.

His reign of terror began in 2009 when his ex-Trina went to meet him at the allotments, where Lucas ended up impaling and murdering her on a rake.

After Denise’s ex-Owen Turner discovered Lucas’ killer secret, he threatened Lucas and ordered him not to marry her.

But Lucas was having none of it and drove Owen away from Walford, where he saw red during a furious showdown and strangled him with a bow tie.

Lucas also murdered three prostitutes named Sugar, Jade and Gemma during his time in Walford, which took his murder count to five.

Why is Lucas in jail?

Lucas tried to frame Denise for his sick murders before faking her suicide and keeping her locked in a basement for months.

Unfortunately for him, she eventually managed to escape and expose his crimes.

Lucas was subsequently sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for the murders, as well as for imprisoning Denise and attempting to fake her own death and frame her.

However, in 2020, he was released from prison and back on the Square.

Lucas tried to prove to everyone he was a changed man, by staying out of trouble.

However, he ended up back in jail after he took the fall for his daughter, Chelsea, and smuggled drugs, leading to his arrest and prison sentence.

When his character Lucas returned in 2020, actor Don told the BBC at the time: “I’m thrilled and honoured to be asked to breathe life once again into such a complex, controversial and divisive character.

“But, most importantly, to have another opportunity to work alongside one of the UK’s finest actors, Diane Parish (Denise Fox).”

Why has Lucas returned to EastEnders?

On February 1, 2024, EastEnders fans were stunned when Lucas made a comeback to the soap.

It came when his ex-wife Denise went to see him jail.

She visited him after struggling to be part of “The Walford Six” – the six women who covered up Keanu Taylor’s death after Linda Carter killed him at Christmas.

Denise was seen talking to her killer ex, as she tried to come to terms with what had happened, and seek comfort in someone who has been around murder.

Although she didn’t come clean, Lucas advised her to “repent” or her “sins will haunt her”.

Fans were left with their mouths open after seeing Lucas back on EastEnders.

Taking to X formerly Twitter, one wrote: “Oh my god. The ending 😬😬 he’s back 👀👀 #eastenders”

While another tweeted: “Lucas is back omg #EastEnders”

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