Who is Dean Wicks’ daughter Jade Green?

Dean Wicks returned to Albert Square with sad news about his daughter.

VILLAINOUS Dean made an unexpected comeback to Walford amid The Queen Vic’s Halloween’s celebrations.

Upon his return, the EastEnders character played by Matt Di Angelo gave a shocking update about Jade Green. Get the lowdown on her.

Jade Green is Dean Wicks' daughter
Jade Green is Dean Wicks’ daughterCredit: BBC ONE/YOUTUBE

What happened to Dean Wicks in EastEnders?

Linda Carter (portrayed by Kellie Bright) got the fright of her life ahead of Halloween, an event she would go above and beyond to celebrate with her husband Mick Carter, who vanished at sea.

During Monday’s (October 30, 2023) instalment of the BBC One soap, Linda and the Knights were getting the Queen Vic ready to welcome regulars.

Unfortunately, celebrations were halted when she was left face to face with her rapist, Dean Wicks, much to her horror.

Dean hadn’t been seen in Walford since 2016, after escaping justice for raping his former sister-in-law and the attempted rape of his former girlfriend Roxy Mitchell.

His own father Buster Briggs paid him off to leave Albert Square and never return seven years ago.

However, in recent months, Dean managed to reconnect with his mother Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) off-screen.

Shirley left the Square herself in late 2022, devastated by Mick’s apparent death at sea.

In February, 2023, Linda received news from her and a picture confirmed she had been in touch with Dean again, despite the havoc he had caused when he lived in Walford.

One thing led to another and Dean officially became Cindy Beale’s (Michelle Collins) new business partner.

Soap viewers suspected Dean would be back to cause trouble for Linda but in recent scenes of the long-running show, he admitted his daughter Jade Green had a lot to do with his comeback.

Who is Jade Green in EastEnders?

Born Roya Masood and played by Amaya Edward, Jade Green was initially introduced to viewers in mid-2015.

She was revealed to be the daughter of Dean Wicks and Shabnam Masood, born following an off-screen one-night stand which took place in 2008.

Shabnam left Walford while she was pregnant and gave birth to her daughter off-screen before abandoning her on a doorstep.

Roya aka Jade was adopted and Shirley Carter learned of her existence in 2015 from Shabnam’ father Masood Ahmed.

The Walford tough man woman then found out Jade had actually been fostered and not adopted after tracking the young girl down.

This prompted her to welcome her granddaughter into the family with her partner and Dean’s father Buster Briggs.

The pair became Jade’s legal guardians and she lived with them in Walford.

Following the death of her son Zaair Kazemi, Shabnam and her new husband Kush Kazemi fought for custody of Jade but later backtracked.

At the time, Shabnam realised her actions were the result of grief and not the best for Jade.

The child was able to bond with her father Dean but when he was arrested for the attempted rape of Roxy Mitchell and Shirley learned he had raped Linda, Shabnam was handed custody.

Jade and Shabnam left Albert Square for a new life away from all the drama in February, 2016, and the pair haven’t been seen since.

Viewers last heard of Jade in 2017 when Mick Carter invited her and Shabnam to Linda’s 40th birthday party but difficulties with flights had stopped them from attending.

What happened to Jade Green in EastEnders?

While Jade Green was mostly kept at arm’s length from all the drama involving her parents, and more particularly her father Dean, she was met with a huge hurdle of her own.

Throughout her time in Walford, Jade was said to be suffering from cystic fibrosis, “an inherited condition that causes sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system”, according to the NHS.

This condition can trigger lung infections and problems with digesting food.

To top it all off, Jade’s life expectancy is shortened as the average person with cystic fibrosis would typically live to the age of 50 years old, although some patients can live into their 80s.

Upon his return to Albert Square, Dean mentioned he was back for his daughter who is thought to be desperately unwell.

Soap boss Chris Clenshaw spoke about Dean’s motives in further detail saying: “He’s back for his daughter, Jade. He’s trying to kind of make things right for her. She’s got cystic fibrosis, and he’s trying his best to support her.”

But Dean also gave an update on his mother Shirley, claiming she’d had a meltdown during her time away.

More harrowing yet for Linda, Dean even managed to convince her he wasn’t a rapist.

Linda decided it was time for her to reach out to Shirley, after months of radio silence, but she was alarmed when she couldn’t get through to her.

As mentioned above, Shirley left Walford in the aftermath of Mick’s disappearance and supposed death but plans have been made for her to return to the Square.

When it comes to Jade Green and her mother Shabnam, however, the mystery remains – could they return in the wake of Dean’s comeback?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Jade left the Square in 2016 with her mother Shabnam (pictured right)
Jade left the Square in 2016 with her mother Shabnam (pictured right)
Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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