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BBC EastEnders fans work out Christmas death twist as ‘jailed character set to die’

EastEnders fans are convinced they've worked out the identity of the Christmas victim as one character is 'set to make their return from jail'

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EastEnders fans have rumbled a surprise potential victim this Christmas – as a returning character could die.

Fans have been speculating for months about who the identity of the Christmas body is – and who might have killed them. All we know at the moment is that the dead person is a man, they are wearing a suit and cufflinks and they are in the Queen Vic. However, we are yet to find out who he is, why he’s there and what led to his death.

The BBC soap bosses have been leading fans around the houses as they try and work out who dies this Christmas, with the main six potential victims currently seeming to be the men closest to the Six women.

Someone dies this Christmas

Someone dies this Christmas

For Kathy, that looks like it could be Rocky, whilst the return of Dean Wicks has sealed him to be Linda’s biggest enemy. For Denise, it looked like it might be Jack after the pair nearly split but now she’s been struggling with the fall out from her affair with Ravi, putting him front and centre as a possibility. For Stacey, it’s obviously Theo who she hates most and would therefore be who she might target whilst for Suki it’s likely to be her husband Nish Panesar, who has been controlling her for years. For Sharon, we know she’s set to marry Keanu this Christmas, with him looking most likely to be the victim if it’s connected to her.

However, some fans are convinced these storylines could actually be a red herring and someone else might end up dead. One viewer has shared a popular theory that a returning character could die this Christmas after coming out of prison.

“My money’s on Kheerat,” one wrote, whilst a second added: “I have a new theory, what if for some reason kheerat is released from prison and he’s the body, he also used to wear suits with cufflinks a lot.”

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Could Kheerat return?

Could Kheerat return? 


BBC / Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Kheerat is currently in prison after covering for Suki over Ranveer’s death, but could he make a big return this Christmas that could cost him his life? Fans have been speculating for months about his return but could it tie in with the big festive storyline?

Earlier this year, Jaz Singh Deol poured cold water on a potential return for Kheerat after sharing his new project. He posted online: “I’m very excited to share with you all The Actor’s Path. Which is focused on sharing my ever evolving insights, knowledge and experience of walking this particular journey. Especially as a person of colour in this industry. I’ve had and still have coaches who, without a shadow of doubt, helped me thrive and define my career as it is today.”

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