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BBC EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Gina Knight’s true intentions with Dean Wicks as romance blossoms

EastEnders fans are convinced they've rumbled Gina Knight's true intentions with Linda Carter's rapist Dean Wicks after the pair seemingly struck up a romance recently

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Gina Knight and Dean Wicks

EastEnders fans have “rumbled” Gina Knight’s true intentions with Dean Wicks.

A romance has seemingly blossomed between Gina and Dean. He returned to the Square last October, much to the disgust of Linda Carter, who he had raped in harrowing scenes a few years back before escaping justice.

Now he is back on the scene, Linda has been troubled by his arrival but he has been growing closer with Linda’s extended family as Gina Knight seems to have taken a shine to him and has struck up a romance with Dean. The family are no doubt going to be disgusted when they learn what’s happened between Gina and Dean but could she have an ulterior motive in being with him?

Discussing the storyline, one fan wrote: “This is really irking me and better lead to Dean’s comeuppance and a some serious character development for Gina. Honestly I know Linda isn’t her sister, and they haven’t known each other long, but she also hasn’t known Dean long either. If a woman, who’s now part of my family, is visibly traumatised by the mere appearance of this man why would you even go there. Infuriating,” whilst another added: “My theory is that he’ll victimize Anna, rather than Gina, with Gina having to deal with having given him access to her, knowing full well what the accusations were.”

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Other fans are convinced that she is actually double bluffing with Dean and wants to help Linda.

“Another theory is that she is gonna play the fool, gain his trust and then trick him or help Linda get her revenge. Although Linda is on one at the minute so doubt she’d notice,” one shared, whilst a second added: “I’m hoping Gina is hatching her own little plan to catch him out.” A third wrote: “I wonder… her asking him to take things slow could be a clue she’s doing that maybe?”

Another fan suggested that there were signs she was really falling for him, as one wrote: “I thought maybe Gina was faking it, but the lovey eyes she looks at him with when he’s not looking at her implies to me that she isn’t.”

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