EastEnders spoilers: Phil fuming at Kat’s reaction as Alfie is hit with bad cancer news

Phil watches Alfie and Kat hug in EastEnders
Phil spotted Alfie and Kat’s private moment (Picture: BBC)

Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) made a return to EastEnders in recent scenes, which left Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) fuming.

Following his prostatectomy, Alfie headed over to Spain to recuperate, but failed to tell the mother of his children Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) the real reason for his trip.

The only people who knew the truth were Phil and Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), who was the first person to pay Alfie a visit after his return.

She was quick to let herself into his flat, hurrying him along for his follow up appointment at the hospital.

Unfortunately, the doctor had bad news for poor Alfie. She gently broke the news that his surgery hadn’t removed all of the cancerous cells, meaning that he would need to undergo further treatment.

Before Alfie had had chance to fully take in the news, he came face to face with Kat, who had a few strong words for him over his sudden disappearance.

She ripped into him for leaving her in the lurch after promising to walk her down the aisle, and pointed out that her kids had been wondering where their dad was.

When Alfie tried to explain, Kat continued to rant, telling him that nothing he said would make up for what he’d done.

Linda and Alfie sit and wait at the hospital in EastEnders
Linda accompanied Alfie to the hospital (Picture: BBC)

However, when Alfie revealed that he had cancer, Kat was stunned.

Despite knowing that Alfie had had a cancer scare, Kat believed that he had been given the all clear, after he lied to her about the results of his tests.

Alfie explained to Kat that he had lied because he didn’t want to worry her or the boys, but he was here now and telling the truth.

Kat and Alfie talk behind market stalls in EastEnders

Alfie told Kat the truth (Picture: BBC)

However, that didn’t last long, as when Kat asked if Phil had known about the diagnosis, Alfie lied and said that he didn’t.

Viewers may remember that Alfie told Phil about his cancer diagnosis moments after learning that Phil had cheated on Kat with Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit), and the pair made a vow to keep each other’s secrets.

As Alfie went on to tell Kat that the cancer was more aggressive than they had originally thought, he grew upset, and soon Kat had pulled him into a hug.

It was at that moment that Phil rounded the corner, and spotted how close they were, and instantly grew concerned.

In upcoming scenes it will become clear that Phil is frightened of his secret getting out, and will accost Alfie to find out if he has said anything.

Will Alfie continue to keep Phil’s secret?

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