BBC EastEnders fans ‘work out’ why Sharon marries Keanu in deadly Christmas twist

EastEnders viewers are convinced they've worked out a huge twist for Sharon and Keanu - as their wedding reception in the Queen Vic was confirmed for Christmas Day ahead of a shock death

EastEnders fans have rumbled a huge twist for Sharon and Keanu – as their wedding reception in the Queen Vic was confirmed.

Tonight, Sharon gathered Keanu and his family in the Queen Vic before confirming that she had booked the boozer for their wedding reception on Christmas Day – which we know is the setting for a shock death this festive season.

However, Keanu and Karen have been keeping a big secret about their part in the kidnapping of Sharon’s son Albie, with Phil Mitchell – who loaned Sharon the money to pay the ‘kidnapper’ – now getting closer to the truth. As they all gathered in the pub tonight, Phil rushed in to confront Karen for her part in the kidnapping after finding the money at her house.

Fans are now convinced they’ve worked out a twist – and why Sharon goes through with marrying Keanu.

Giving their verdict on what’s to come, one fan penned: “Today’s doof doof changes a lot of expectations for Christmas. I think the possible paths now are (1) Sharon doesn’t believe Phil, (2) Sharon believe Phil but forgives Keanu before Christmas, (3) Sharon pretends to forgive Keanu but plans to murder him but that would just be Ian 2.0.

“(4) Sharon marries someone else at Christmas (though I don’t think Phil would have time to divorce Kat so I wouldn’t know who) and (5) Sharon has a reception in her wedding dress anyway but doesn’t marry anyone.”

Whilst another fan responded: “I think it’s more likely that Karen takes sole responsibility for the scam – leading to her exit and leaving Keanu blameless to marry Sharon!” and a third wrote: “Exactly she assumes Keanu is not involved possibly for a reveal at Xmas.”

A fourth shared: “That would be the semi-honourable thing for her to do, but I wonder if Keanu throws her under the bus and the blame is firmly pinned on her before she even makes that decision?” with a fifth adding in a discussion on Reddit: “She has said enough times that she will do anything ‘for my boy’, definitely this – unless Keanu blames her.”

Karen looked shocked by his accusation

Karen looked shocked by his accusation 



Actor Danny Walters – who plays Keanu – has opened up about how “toxic” the couple’s romance is.

Speaking about the pair’s romance, and how the fall out from the subsequent kidnapping might happen, he said: “I think with Keanu and Sharon, as we can see it’s not a smooth relationship and probably is quite toxic at times. However, there is a deep lust and love for one and other. Unfortunately, external factors in their relationship always seem to create dramas.

“I think in Keanu’s head, he’s trying to play the whole ignorance is bliss card, and he thinks ‘what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her’. His original intention was to obtain his son, so in Keanu’s mind he was always doing it for the greater good.”

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