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BBC EastEnders’ Gina Knight and Dean Wicks’ romance exposed as fans rumble Anna twist

EastEnders fans watched on tonight as Gina Knight and Dean Wicks' romance was exposed but viewers are convinced there will be a huge twist involving Gina's sister Anna Knight

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Dean Wicks and Gina Knight

EastEnders fans have rumbled a huge twist with Gina Knight and Dean Wicks – as their romance was exposed this evening.

Gina has been quietly dating Dean Wicks – who raped Linda Carter during his previous stint in the Square – but has kept things out of the public eye, fearing what people might say about their budding romance given Dean’s history.

She has told him she believes him over Linda, but fans are convinced that Gina has an ulterior motive to expose what Dean did to Linda, but in a terrifying twist, things could go wrong and Anna Knight, Gina’s sister, could end up getting hurt.

One fan wrote: “Even if Gina is playing Dean… I see him acting out and hurting Anna – which will result in Gina feeling utmost despair cause it’s her job she feels to take care of her little sister. I’ve felt it for a long time now. He’s going to end up hurting one of them #eastenders,” whilst a second added: “My theory is that he’ll victimize Anna, rather than Gina, with Gina having to deal with having given him access to her, knowing full well what the accusations were.”

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Dean and Gina have started up a romance and he made a bold claim tonight when he headed into the Queen Vic. As George ordered him out, Dean called out to Gina and gave her a kiss before handing over some flowers to her.

George and Elaine horrifyingly looked on whilst Linda was also there and was terrified by the news. How will the family react now they know the truth – and is there trouble ahead for Gina or even Anna in a shock twist?

Other viewers are convinced Gina is working on a plan to bring Dean down. One suggested: “I’m hoping Gina is hatching her own little plan to catch him out,” whilst a second responded: “I wonder… her asking him to take things slow could be a clue she’s doing that maybe?” A third wrote: “I thought maybe Gina was faking it, but the lovey eyes she looks at him with when he’s not looking at her implies to me that she isn’t,” with a fourth sharing: “She looked giddy when she was texting him, I have no doubt it’s a genuine crush.”

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