BBC EastEnders’ Linda Carter devastated by sad family news as Mick’s death anniversary looms

EastEnders' Linda Carter was left struggling to cope during Tuesday's episode, as she learned some upsetting news just weeks away from her first Christmas without husband Mick Carter

EastEnders’ Linda Carter struggled to cope after recent events, especially after some upsetting family news.

The character relapsed in upsetting scenes, hitting the booze despite her desperate efforts to remain sober amid her ongoing alcoholism battle. She faced her demons once more after the recent return of her rapist Dean Wicks, who has begun taunting her all over again.

Continuing to deny he raped her back in 2014, he cruelly blackmailed her into giving a fake confession recently, claiming they had slept together and she had lied about being raped. She had no idea until the latest episode that he had recorded this.

On Tuesday night, Linda was horrified when Dean played the recording to the whole pub, and she struggled with hearing back her own words about her rape ordeal. Earlier in the day, she was mortified when she received photos of Dean dressed as Santa, posing alongside her young son Ollie.

EastEnders' Linda Carter struggled to cope after recent events

EastEnders’ Linda Carter struggled to cope after recent events 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

She had warned him away from her family, so to see Ollie with Dean left her sickened and she wasted no time in threatening him. But amid her horror over Dean’s latest antics, the character shared her sadness over the looming anniversary of her husband Mick’s death.

Mick is presumed dead and lost at sea after he appeared to drown last Christmas while trying to save Linda. He was swept out to sea and has never been found, with Danny Dyer leaving the role last year.


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