BBC EastEnders to air shock Mick Carter ‘return’ as Linda rocked by news – but there’s a twist

Mick Carter will make a shocking 'return' to EastEnders this Christmas - with the news set to rock Linda Carter. However, all is not as it seems and there's a huge twist ahead

EastEnders will air a shocking ‘return’ for Mick Carter this Christmas – but there’s a twist ahead.

Next week on the BBC soap, Linda Carter – played by Kellie Bright – will have her life turned upside down when she receives a text message from Mick Carter. Mick – played by Danny Dyer – was thought to have died in shocking scenes at the end of last Christmas’ dramatic episodes – but with no body having been found, fans are convinced he could still be alive.

Mick ‘died’ in sad scenes last Christmas trying to save Linda and his partner at the time Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) but fell off a cliff into the sea at Dover, never to be seen again. However, he will make a shock ‘return’ next week – leaving Linda stunned.

Linda Carter and Dean Wicks on EastEnders

Linda goes to meet ‘Mick’ – but Dean soon arrives 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Revealing what’s to come, Kellie told The Mirror and other press: “She gets a text from Mick, or so she thinks.” On receiving the message, she decides to meet up with the person who has messaged her, quickly realising it’s not Mick.

Linda star Kellie has revealed how the text message – and subsequent meet up with Dean Carter, who sent the text message, has her world spinning on another axis, leaving her horrified for the future.

“There is a moment between the two of them and actually what Linda thinks is gonna be the outcome of that conversation is not what the outcome of that conversation is. And let’s just say, it leaves her not in the place where she wants to be,” she told us.

Dean Wicks’ return has caused heartbreaking and devastation for Linda. He arrived back in Walford, having agreed to be a silent partner in the Beales’ new business venture but soon, it was clear he had no plans to fade into the background.

Speaking about his return recently, Matt di Angelo – who plays Dean – shared: “Dean is very much back in the Square now trying to make his business work and take care of his sick daughter. He’s trying his hardest to integrate into the community and make his business work. Dean very much thinks he’s innocent – he truly believes that so he is surprised that people who did believe him before, now don’t. So he’s having to deal with that, and he is finding that the people of Walford are standing behind Linda so he wants to change their mind. He doesn’t have a choice, he needs his life in Walford to work.”

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