BBC EastEnders’ Max Branning return ‘sealed’ as Lauren makes decision after DNA bombshell

EastEnders could be lining up a return for Max Branning, played by actor Jake Wood, after a DNA secret exploded in the latest episode of the BBC soap

EastEnders could be lining up a return for Max Branning

EastEnders could be lining up a big return if fans are right, after a DNA twist.

Viewers are convinced Max Branning’s return to the BBC soap has been sealed, three years on from his exit. Max was written out of the BBC soap in 2021, with him later fleeing with his young granddaughter Abi offscreen.

It seems he reunited with his daughter Lauren Branning away from Walford and in New Zealand, where Lauren was living. But they had another falling out, and it’s not entirely clear now if they are back on speaking terms.

In the latest episode, we saw Lauren confront Linda Carter after discovering she had a secret sister in Walford – Linda’s daughter Annie. Lauren learned that Max was Annie’s real father, and people had been keeping this from her despite her brief return to Walford in 2022.

EastEnders could be lining up a big return if fans are right

EastEnders could be lining up a big return if fans are right 


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

On Tuesday, Lauren asked Linda why she didn’t tell her about her sister and demanded to see her. The pair soon talked things through, and Linda explained why she pretended her ex Mick Carter was Annie’s dad.

She talked of Max’s history of messing things up and not exactly being there for his children. Lauren knew about this all too well, as viewers will also recall their past.

Linda shared how she was desperate for Annie to be happy and grow up surrounded by love and family, and she feared this would not happen with Max. Lauren soon realised where she was coming from and she later agreed to keep the news from Max, after a chat with her uncle Jack Branning.

Lauren Branning learned the truth about Annie

Lauren Branning learned the truth about Annie 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

She seemed torn over telling her dad about Annie, but decided to keep the secret. Linda allowed Lauren to see Annie, and even told her daughter Lauren’s true identity.

But viewers are convinced Lauren may end up telling her dad the truth, and that this could lead to Max’s long awaited comeback. Taking to X, viewers predicted Lauren might find out about Linda’s alcoholism relapse and end up telling Max he has a daughter.

One viewer said: “Lauren will find out about Linda’s drinking problem she will definitely tell max and he will somehow come back to take Annie.” Another agreed: “So, is Max coming back? Otherwise, I don’t see the need to tell Lauren about Annie,” as a third said: “Finally! Now please let Max find out about Annie.”

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