BBC EastEnders spoilers for next week: Suki and Eve exposed, villain returns and ‘affair’

EastEnders spoilers tease a possible affair next week just as another secret romance is exposed on the BBC soap in dramatic scenes, while a villain makes a comeback

EastEnders spoilers tease huge drama on the BBC soap next week, with possible danger ahead.

The moment Suki Panesar has feared for months finally happens next week, as Nish Panesar learns about his wife’s secret romance with Eve Unwin. But as he turns violent and prepares to confront Suki, will she and Eve face danger?

Elsewhere, there’s hints of an affair between two residents after fans predicted it would happen. Stacey Slater turns to Jack Branning for comfort, but will it lead to more?

There’s also the return of a villain on the show in upcoming episodes, leaving more than one resident fearful. Here’s the biggest moments happening across the coming week in Albert Square…

EastEnders spoilers tease huge drama on the BBC soap next week

EastEnders spoilers tease huge drama on the BBC soap next week 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Villain returns

EastEnders is lining up explosive scenes next week ahead of the Christmas 2023 whodunnit. In upcoming scenes, Stacey Slater is left reeling when stalker Theo Hawthorne attempts to make contact on the day of his plea hearing, asking to meet.

At first, Stacey is reluctant but she soon changes her mind and decides to go. At the meeting, Stacey tries to manipulate Theo into pleading guilty by promising to restart their “relationship” once he has served his time. However, Stacey fears she has made things worse when Theo reacts badly to her suggestion.

Suki and Eve exposed by Nish

As Suki made her way to the tube, Eve was able to catch up with her

EastEnders is lining up explosive scenes next week 



EastEnders spoilers have revealed exactly when Nish Panesar finds out his wife Suki’s affair – leading to a harrowing showdown. Next week on the BBC soap, Suki will find herself panicked when Priya reveals she knows the truth about her and Eve. Suki offers to pay her £2,000 to keep her silence but Priya says she wants £3,000 and Suki has no choice but to agree.

Priya tells her if she doesn’t hand over the larger sum of money, she’ll grass Vinny up to Nish so Suki has no choice but to hand over the stolen money from the call centre to Priya, unaware that Nish is watching their every move. Nish intercepts the cash exchange and questions why she’s handing money to Priya.

She lies and says that Suki took the money so that Avani and Priya could find their own place and the kiss, but Nish refuses to let her hand it over. Suki tries to find the funds elsewhere, and gives Priya £200 from the Minute Mart till, unable to get access to cash anywhere else.

However, Priya is adamant she needs the full amount of money or she’ll tell all. Things get more difficult when Vinny closes up the Minute Mart and realises that the tills are short, unaware of who has taken the money, and goes to tell Nish.

Nish looks at the CCTV, desperate to find out what happened to the money, but he is shocked when he sees a clip of Suki and Eve kissing, exposing their affair, and there are set to be deadly consequences. In a fit of rage, Nish smashes up the Minute Mart and heads to number 41, before he’s stopped by Ravi.

He takes him to Walford East to clean up, before he reveals all to Ravi about what he’s seen on the CCTV. Adamant to get the truth, he heads back home to confront Suki over the video and what’s been happening behind her back. With Suki sure to face Nish’s wrath, will she be ok – or is a harrowing showdown on the cards?

Affair teased?

EastEnders spoilers have teased a possible affair for Stacey Slater and Jack Branning

EastEnders spoilers have teased a possible affair for Stacey Slater and Jack Branning 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders spoilers have teased a possible affair for Stacey Slater and Jack Branning – as they grow closer next week. Stacey is struggling when Theo tries to make contact with her next week ahead of his plea hearing.

As they meet, Stacey tries to get Theo to plead guilty by promising to restart their relationship when he’s back out, but he reacts badly and Stacey is suddenly left worried whether she might have said the wrong thing. Whilst Jean tries to discourage Stacey from attending the plea hearing, Stacey is adamant she wants to be there and is joined by both Martin and Jack whilst she waits for Theo to give his evidence, but what will he say?

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