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BBC EastEnders Theo’s unexpected whereabouts revealed as he’s accused of killing missing character

There's an update about EastEnders villain Theo Hawthorne's whereabouts next week following his plea hearing, but he faces accusations over another crime on the BBC soap

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EastEnders spoilers have detailed a shocking accusation aimed at villain Theo Hawthorne

EastEnders spoilers have detailed a shocking accusation aimed at villain Theo Hawthorne in upcoming scenes.

Viewers will find out his surprising whereabouts in looming episodes, according to new spoilers, days on from his recent plea hearing. There was shock amongst fans and Walford residents when Theo pled guilty to recent charges, after he stalked and attempted to rape Stacey Slater.

Theo has been obsessed with Stacey for months and it all culminated in a horrifying showdown weeks ago. But in order to get rid of Theo for once and for all, Stacey set him up by convincing him that if he pleaded guilty and served his time, they could be together.

It’s not yet known if Theo will go to prison and for how long, but fans are worried he will return for revenge once he realises Stacey was lying. That moment could come in the coming weeks though or in the scenes that follow, as a new accusation about a missing character leads to Stacey taking strong action.

Viewers will see concern grow for Eve Unwin who remains missing after her violent showdown with Nish Panesar. After Ravi Gulati secretly let Eve flee, not telling Nish the truth, Eve has not been seen since.

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Stacey Slater accuses Theo Hawthorne of hurting Eve

Stacey Slater accuses Theo Hawthorne of hurting Eve 



Now, spoilers reveal Stacey grows concerned for her best friend and a message from Theo leads to her fearing the worst. She panics that Theo may have hurt Eve after their run-in earlier this year, and may be trying to get back at her.

Stacey receives a Christmas card from Theo, and him making contact leaves her worried it’s a sign that he is behind Eve’s disappearance. Theo is accused of hurting or killing Eve, but news from Jack Branning may rule this out – while viewers know the truth.

Stacey heads to the police station to report her suspicions after a chat with Eve’s lover Suki Panesar, but the pair are deflated when the police say there’s nothing they can do. Stacey calls Theo and leaves a message threatening him if he’s hurt Eve, fearing he’s behind it – so will her anger lead to him returning?

Jack soon drops the news of Theo’s whereabouts which seemingly rules him out as being behind Eve’s vanishing act. Jack confirms Theo is far away in Scotland, and is nowhere near Walford!

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