BBC EastEnders viewers ‘rumble’ Phil Mitchell’s secret child – and it’s not Albie

EastEnders viewers have 'worked out' a Phil Mitchell secret child twist on the BBC soap, but it's not linked to the DNA bombshell that aired in the latest episode involving Sharon Watts

EastEnders viewers are predicting a major new paternity bombshell for Phil Mitchell on the BBC soap, but it’s not linked to Albie Watts.

On Wednesday night it was confirmed Keanu Taylor was not Albie’s biological dad, almost four years after his birth. Instead, Sharon Watts discovered that Phil Mitchell was likely to be the youngster’s biological father, despite a DNA test suggesting otherwise at the time

Sharon had cheated on Phil with Keanu while they were together and she fell pregnant. It caused drama and even led to the boat crash that killed Sharon’s son Dennis Rickman.

But it seems after all the chaos, Keanu was never Albie’s dad, and Phil likely is. While some viewers are speculating neither man is the dad, it’s been teased Phil is the father and has a secret son.

Albie might not be the only hidden child of Phil’s though according to viewers. With Sharon yet to decide what to do with the information and Phil unaware he’s got a secret child, fans believe they’ve worked out another paternity bombshell involving the Walford legend.

EastEnders fans were left stunned on Tuesday night as Emma Harding and Phil Mitchell embarked on a shocking affair

EastEnders viewers are predicting a major new paternity bombshell for Phil Mitchell 



Fans think Lola Pearce’s mother Emma will return to the BBC soap with a baby bombshell following their moment of passion earlier this year. Phil cheated on partner Kat Slater with Emma after some drama, and he has since been hiding his betrayal.

Kat’s ex Alfie Moon knows the truth but has agreed to keep quiet. But with Phil fearing the truth spilling out, fans think it’s only a matter of time before the fling comes to light.

Not only that, but some fans have suggested knowing Phil’s history that Emma may return pregnant or will return with a baby at some point. They are questioning if Phil will be the baby’s father, amid the twist involving Albie.

Taking to social media, one viewer predicted: “If Emma is pregnant Phil Mitchell’s sperm needs congratulating and Ben and Louise need to sue.” Another said: “Next thing we’ll find out is Lola’s Mum, played by ‘Patsy Kensit’ will be pregnant!”

A third viewer tweeted: “Friendly reminder that Emma sh*gged Phil 2 months ago today. That means the start of June is her due date if she’s pregnant, which I predict she is (as there was no other reason for her short stint) Baby Harding-Mitchell will probably split Phat up and end up with Ballum.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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