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EastEnders airs brutal alleyway attack on two Walford residents but fans are left with a burning question

The actor has arrived on the show as the brand new school bully

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EASTENDERS fans were left with one burning question following the broadcast of a brutal alleyway attack that left two Walford residents crying out for help.

During tonight’s visit to the BBC soap, fans were left wincing as they watched on in horror during a brutal assault.

Logan, the show's new bully, organised a huge assault on Denzel

Logan, the show’s new bully, organised a huge assault on DenzelCredit: BBC
Denzel was left stunned by the attack

Denzel was left stunned by the attackCredit: BBC

The show brought in a brand new school bully, Logan, played by actor Liam Hatch, to the programme and he targeted Denzel Danes after a series of cross words.

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In the episode, Logan, dressed in his school uniform, caused a commotion in the chicken shop as he refused to queue before ordering his food.

It saw him push past Amy, Denzel, Nugget and Amani who were all left less than impressed by his antics.

Denzel remarked: “There’s a queue man.”

As Amy told him to leave it, Logan fired back by saying: “Listen to the copper’s daughter. Don’t want her getting upset, do we?

“We all know what happened when she gets upset.”

Amy stormed out and Denzel was left chasing after her and later squared up to Logan over his horrific comments.

Although the brewing tension was quickly stopped by passers-by, Denzel was later targeted and subjected to a brutal group assault, led by Logan.

Amidst the beating, Yolande saw the commotion and rushed over to help.

As she ran to Denzel, she tripped and fell and was left squirming on the ground as the bullies filmed her as they continued to subject Denzel to a beating.

But despite the violent antics, viewers were all left seriously baffled by the new school bully as they were left confused as to his age.

Appearing much older than a teenager and schoolgoer, fans flocked to X – formerly Twitter – to have their say.

One wrote: “The school bully in tonight’s #eastenders looks about 25!!”

Another added: “Now why have they got some 40 year old playing a school kid pls.”

A third went on to add: “There’s a ‘teenager’ in today’s episode of #EastEnders that looks at least five years older than me. I am 34.”

Before a fourth asked: “Why does the bully look 35 years old??”

Actor Liam is in fact 27 years old and is due to turn 28 this October.

It means that Liam is playing a character more than 10 years younger than he is.

Actor Liam is more than 10 years older than his character


Actor Liam is more than 10 years older than his characterCredit: BBC

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