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EastEnders character begins toxic plot in early BBC iPlayer release

How might this affect the soap's Christmas storyline?

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A red-tinged EastEnders title card.

Spoiler warning for Thursday 12th October’s episode of EastEnders, which was released at 6am on BBC iPlayer and will air at 7:30pm on BBC One.

Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) has kicked off a twisted scheme to double-cross on/off lover Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) in EastEnders.

When Sharon revealed her plan to take their son Albie to Abu Dhabi, where she would be taking a new job, Keanu hit the roof. His mum, Karen (Lorraine Stanley), suggested he should woo Sharon for access to Albie, then con her out of her wealth!

Keanu refused to go after Sharon’s money, saying he just wanted his son; and insisted there had to be a way to sort things out properly.

Sharon confided in Kathy Cotton (Gillian Taylforth) that she still loved Keanu, but didn’t know if he was using her because of Albie. Kathy quoted her old mate, Sharon’s late mum Angie (Anita Dobson), who once said that Sharon’s heart would be her downfall.

And it looks like Ange could be right, as Sharon still believed that Keanu was one of the good guys…

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Keanu visited Sharon, who told him she felt she was fair with her plans to fly Keanu out to Abu Dhabi to visit Albie, and that was that. Despite Sharon also asking him to keep running The Arches, Keanu felt belittled.

He told a struggling Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) how lucky he was to have stepdaughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) in his life, before heading home to tell Karen that he was in on her plan – but again, he drew the line at taking Sharon for all she was worth.

Keanu started planning how he was going to seduce Sharon, and played on her feelings for him as he kissed her on the cheek and arranged to meet her for a drink.

At The Vic, Keanu heard from George Knight (Colin Salmon) that the match at the gym had been fixed by Dorian, the man who had been flirting with Sharon and had offered her the new job.

Keen to show his loyalty, Keanu told Sharon what he had heard, and joined her for a nightcap in her office as she worried for her business’s reputation and whether her career move was legit. When Sharon pointed out that Keanu could have kept quiet, he insisted that he still had feelings for her.

He told Sharon he would miss her as well as Albie if she left, adding that he regretted dumping her. Keanu even asked if she thought he was capable of pretending to love her, and Sharon replied that deception wasn’t his strong point.

“I guess I’m just too honest for my own good,” he said, before asking if it was really too late for them. As Keanu and Sharon embraced, his face betrayed his true feelings – but will Sharon rumble his cruel con? Or will Keanu’s plan lead him to be her mystery groom on a murderous Christmas Day?

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