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EastEnders: Dean will assault Gina, fans fear

Is Gina safe?

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EastEnders' Gina, Dean, the background of the Thames

Recently in EastEnders, Gina has been getting close to Dean Wicks despite knowing about everything that he did to Linda.

She helped Dean and his ill daughter Jade reconnect, encouraging Jade to give her dad another chance.

EastEnders fans are now worrying that Dean could assault Gina like he did Linda.

EastEnders' Gina Knight is serious
Gina helped Dean out (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Gina has been getting closer to Dean

Currently in EastEnders, Gina has been supporting Dean after seeing his daughter Jade return to Walford.

Jade entered The Vic and started struggling with her breathing, making Gina sit down with her and speak to her about her situation with Dean.

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Jade had been visiting Dean and was staying the night but she admitted that she didn’t actually want to let Dean be a part of her life.

Gina then encouraged Jade to give Dean another chance, taking her back to Beale’s Eels to reunite her with her father.

She then gave Jade a bracelet that she had been admiring as Dean thanked her for her efforts in bonding them together.

Fans fear that history will repeat itself (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans fear for Gina’s safety

EastEnders viewers have now been left fearing for Gina’s safety as she spends more time with Dean.

They’re worried that Dean may take advantage of her and end up assaulting her similar to what he did to Linda.

One fan predicted: “I have a feeling it’s Dean at Christmas and this is what I think will happen… he gets close to Gina, tries to assault her at Christmas which leads to Linda stopping him (why she has a cut lip,) he runs downstairs and is killed by one of ‘The Six’… I CRACKED IT GALS.”

Another viewer said: “This Gina/ Dean thing is not a storyline I want to see… Can deffo see another rape story involving Gina…”

A third person added: “Thinking that parasite Dean is going to try it on with Gina. And get exposed. Better still, killed. Chrimbo duff duff!”

Is Dean going to assault Gina? (Credit: BBC)

Is Gina in danger?

Next week’s EastEnders spoilers reveal that Gina supports Dean as he finds out that Jade’s transplant is off.

But, does Gina need to be careful? Is this new friendship about to turn sinister?

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