EastEnders fans predict Dean or Rocky to be framed for Keanu’s murder

Who will take the fall for The Six?

Dean and Rocky on EastEnders, both looking worried (Credit: BBC/Composite: ED!)

Fans of EastEnders have predicted that members of The Six could frame either Dean Wicks or Rocky Cotton for Keanu’s murder, following recent events on the soap.

On Christmas Day, viewers watched as Denise attacked abusive Nish with a bottle and then watched as Linda stabbed an increasingly aggressive Keanu.

With Nish fighting for his life, members of The Six wrapped Keanu up in a rug and then smuggled his body into the ruins of the cafe, where they hid him under the burned floor.

They then claimed that Keanu attacked Nish before fleeing the scene of the crime.

Dean and Keanu arguing on EastEnders
Could Dean and Keanu’s volatile relationship put him in the frame? (Credit: BBC)

Rocky and Dean to spoil murder cover-up?

However, there may be a hitch in their cover-up in Dean and Rocky. Dean was seen sneaking around The Vic prior to Nish’s attack and Keanu’s murder, while a drunken Rocky witnessed Sharon outside the cafe.

Their vicinity to the crimes has led some fans to speculate that one of the pair could be framed for Keanu’s murder.

Rocky looks worried on EastEnders
Rocky is set to leave Walford… but will he do so in the back of a police car? (Credit: BBC)

Dean or Rocky to take the fall for murdering Keanu?

Writing on Reddit, a number of EastEnders fans shared their theories about how the story might play out.

“Dean is a bit of a loose end in the show at this point and it hit me. Once Keanu’s body is found, he will be framed for the murder,” one fan wrote.

Once Keanu’s body is found, [Dean] will be framed for the murder.

“The show went out of its way to show Keanu and Dean being aggressive to each other. Dean was in The Vic just before it went down. The present is proof. Plus the women won’t feel bad about putting him in prison,” the fan continued.

“My money’s on Rocky taking the blame,” countered another.

“I’m leaning towards this as well. But mostly because it’s been confirmed that Brian Conley is on his way out the door,” a third agreed.

“He’s just told Kathy he thinks Sharon’s in cahoots with Keanu and is hiding something in the ruins of the cafe,” another said.

Who do you think will take the blame?

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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