EastEnders fans confused as they point out blunder over Lauren Branning’s return to soap

EastEnders' Lauren Branning made her epic return to the soap on Monday (January 1) - but fans watching at home were left stumped and pointed out a major blunder

EastEnders fans were over the moon to see Lauren Branning return – but some spotted a major blunder.

The character, played by Jacqueline Jossa, made her comeback to the BBC One soap on Monday (January 1). Lauren, along with cousin Penny Branning, were seen at a house party in France.

Fans will recall how Lauren has been living in Paris along with her son Louie – whom she shares with Peter Beale. In the episode, Lauren is seen scrolling through her phone.

Clearly missing Peter, she came across a photo of him out with his friends celebrating the New Year. The photo was taken by Gina and shared on her social media.

Lauren returned to the soap
However, fans were left confused as to how Lauren apparently follows Gina on social media – despite not meeting or knowing one another. On a Facebook fan group, one person said: “How come Lauren was following Gina’s instagram when presumably they’ve never met.”

Someone else added: “I literally came on here to ask the same thing.” A third quipped: “I thought the same thing. Weird or what.”

Fans pointed out a ‘blunder’

Later on, Lauren called Peter to tell him she was coming back to Walford. Penny also agreed to come back. However it was revealed that she was asked by a mystery woman to take drugs back to the UK.

Things then took an awkward turn when Lauren was arrested at the airport, after Penny planted the drugs on her. Sniffer dogs walked past her and were alerted to the package.


Lauren found herself arrested

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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