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EastEnders fans ‘work out’ murder victim as they call for return of favourite

EastEnders fans think they've worked out who will be getting murdered on Christmas Day after spotting signs which suggest the return of a very familiar face

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EastEnders’ fans are eagerly waiting for Christmas Day to find out who had been murdered in the Queen Vic.

Earlier this year a flash-forward episode aired which showed six women from Albert Square in the pub standing over a dead body. So far, the only information confirmed was that it was a male who had cufflinks on.

But with subtle clues dropping all throughout the year, fans are now convinced that they’ve twigged exactly who could be the body on the floor. Denise, Suki, Stacey, Sharon, Kathy and Linda all have a man who could face their wrath including Ravi, Nish, Theo, Keanu, Rocky and Dean respectively.

Now fans have shared strong theories that one person will be returning to Albert Square – but not because they’re a victim. Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) disappeared on Christmas Day last year, and now fans think he could be coming back.

One of the six will murder someone at Christmas (Image: BBC)Mick’s future on Albert Square was left open when he exited the show, but given Dean’s return to Walford, fans think he could be returning. One user wrote on X: “I think Mick will come back at Christmas and Dean will get his comeuppance.”Another said: “I need Mick to come back and kill Dean ASAP.” A third added: “It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Mick turns up on Christmas Day.”

Mick Carter
Fans think Mick will return in another bust-up with Dean (Image: BBC)

Elsewhere others said they believe that Dean will be targeted, but not necessarily be the body at Christmas. One user wrote on Reddit: “I think he might assault someone else on the square and this time gets caught on camera and go to jail. That’s better than him being killed and someone else going to jail for it.”

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Another added: “Maybe they plan to kill him later? Like New Years or something, or perhaps a surprise double death?”

The storyline has seen each of the women have their own hints dropped over who the murder victim is – but any of them could be the murderer.

Sharon says ‘he’s dead’ in the flash forward (Image: BBC1)

Minutes before the flash forward, Sharon raised a toast to all the women and said: “May they get what they deserve”, in the first clue to who could be the victim. Christmas will be Sharon’s wedding day, and it looks like the victim will be in the wedding party.

But it seems EastEnders bosses are staying tight-lipped about who is actually on the floor of the pub – but they’re dropping multiple clues along the way.

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