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EastEnders’ Jack Branning makes chilling discovery as Nish Panesar is arrested for murder

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JACK Branning has made a shocking discovery in EastEnders tonight.

The police detective – who is played by actor Scott Maslen in EastEnders – broke the news to Stacey Slater that her best friend Eve Unwin had been murdered.

Jack made a chilling discovery in tonight's EastEnders

Jack made a chilling discovery in tonight’s EastEndersCredit: BBC
After arresting Nish and Ravi for Eve's murder, Jack found her hiding out in Stacey's kitchen

After arresting Nish and Ravi for Eve’s murder, Jack found her hiding out in Stacey’s kitchenCredit: BBC

However tonight both Suki Panesar and Stacey discovered Eve was alive.

After being told to run by Ravi, Eve hatched a plan to use their own against her – and she planted a bloodied jacket in Nish’s car boot.

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She grabbed Suki and went to run away but first came clean to a grieving Stacey.

But as Stacey tried to say goodbye to Eve and Suki they were interrupted by Jack arriving to warn her that his wife Denise knows about their romp.

Seeing Eve, copper Jack was horrified and wanted to immediately expose Eve’s scheme to frame Ravi and Nish for her murder.

After finding out about Eve and Suki’s affair, Jack still didn’t back down.

“I arrested them for your murder and as far as I can see, you’re still alive,” he told Eve.

“I’ve already put my neck on the line for you. I can’t send two innocent men to prison. I’ll get banged up.”

Eve and Suki begged with Eve telling him how Nish and Ravi plotted to kill her, leaving her terrified.

“Nish has nothing to lose, please Jack just help us,” Eve said.

But fans reckon it will all backfire and Jack could end up dead.

One wrote: “I’m sorry but this new side to Jack is so ooc. It’s so weird.”

A second said: “I’m ok if it’s Jack dead at this point.”

Another added: “Jack needs to be on the floor at Xmas.”

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