EastEnders’ Jay Brown attacks Callum Highway after drug arrest twist

Jay's behaviour is spiralling fast.

Jamie Borthwick as Jay Brown in EastEnders staring intently

Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) attacked Callum Highway (Tony Clay) in tonight’s EastEnders (11th October), as a furious row broke out over Jay’s drug use.

Police detective Callum called the drug squad earlier this week, after struggling widower Jay left home late at night, just hours after Callum learned he had been taking ketamine.

When Callum’s husband Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) confided how well his recovery from bulimia was going, Callum couldn’t bring himself to tell Ben what Jay was up to.

But Callum wasn’t willing to turn a blind eye either, and after Ben had a go at Jay for staying out all night, Callum asked Jay how his night in a cell had been.

Jay was stunned, and Callum admitted that he had intended only to get Jay’s ‘dealer’, sex worker Nadine (Jazzy Phoenix) arrested. Jay got away with a caution, and ordered Callum to stay out of his life.

Ben later asked Callum if he had spoken to Jay about counselling, and Callum’s response left Ben wondering if his husband knew something he didn’t. A conflicted Callum covered, and said he would broach the subject of counselling with Jay.

Jay, meanwhile, told Nadine about Callum’s latest interference, and she told Jay she could not be involved with him anymore. But Jay insisted that he needed her, asking Nadine for more ketamine. At the car lot, Callum arrived to keep his promise to Ben, but Jay didn’t want to hear him out.

Callum tried once more to talk sense into Jay over paying Nadine and taking drugs, reminding him of their duties to Lola (Danielle Harold) and Ben’s grieving daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown).

When Jay replied that Lexi wasn’t even Callum’s daughter, Callum told him that Lexi was as much his as Jay’s, and that Jay currently wasn’t fit to be anywhere near her. Jay then punched Callum with enough force to knock him over, after which Callum walked out in disgust.

Will Jay see how toxic his behaviour has become – and will Ben find out what they’ve been keeping from him?

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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