EastEnders Phil’s death ‘rumbled’ as fans predict ‘whodunnit’ twist for 40th anniversary

EastEnders' Phil Mitchell has had a rather dramatic few months in Walford - but fans are convinced he's going to be killed off of in a dramatic fashion for the soap's 40th anniversary

EastEnders fans reckon Phil Mitchell could be killed off soon in a huge “Whodunnit” storyline.

The character, played by Steve McFadden, is a staple on the BBC soap – making his debut back in 1990. And since then, he’s been a part of some of the show’s most iconic storylines.

Over in Walford recently, Phil had a dramatic few months. Last year, he found out he was the secret father to Sharon Watts’ child Albie – who has since fled to Australia amid the fall-out. And things took a turn for the worse for Phil during Wednesday’s episode (January 17).

As fans will recall, Phil slept with Lola’s mum Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) last year – just days before his wedding to Kat. Emma ended up blackmailing Phil before leaving the square.

Phil’s secret was exposedPhil’s sister Sam found out about his infidelity and blackmailed him to – demanding cash from their Aunt Sal’s inheritance. But in the latest instalment of the soap, Sam ended up revealing to everyone, including Kat, that he had sex with Emma last year.

Now, fans fear that Phil could be killed off after all the drama he’s faced. And one follower reckons it could tie in with the 40th Anniversary. On X, formerly known as Twitter, one person said: “I feel like we are heading towards the end of Phil Mitchell.”

Phil has had a dramatic few months

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Explaining their reasons, they said: “Sam’s turned against him, Ben is leaving, Kat is leaving him. What else does he have left? I’m sure we are now heading for an almighty Whodunnit as we head towards the 40th Anniversary… “

A second penned: “You kill off Keanu and leave us stuck still with Gangster Granda Phil and Boring whiney Ian. Should have shuffled them off instead and kept the new blood.” A third quipped: “The end of Phil is near.”

Fans fear he could be killed off (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

In spoilers for next week, it’s revealed that Kat is asked out on a date by Nish – but she turns him down. Stacey is determined to stop Kat from dating Nish and blurts out the truth about Eve.

Kat marches over to confront Nish to demand answers. When Nish explains, Kat softens and agrees to a date. Over dinner at Walford East, Kat and Nish are having fun until Phil walks in. Jealous Phil’s cruel jibes cut Kat deep, and she rushes out as Nish follows.

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