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EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for October 16-20

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EastEnders first look week 42 comp image: Sharon, Keanu, Rocky and Ravi

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Keanu wants to win Sharon back. But will he be successful – or will she decide to leave?

Meanwhile, the pressure on Rocky grows as Kathy wants a place of their own. How will he solve his money troubles?

Also, Ben gives Jay an ultimatum and Ravi gets a shock. All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. Keanu tries to win Sharon back



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Sharon is bemused when Karen is pleasant to her in the launderette. What’s going on?



Soon enough Keanu organises a romantic date for Sharon in the Arches. She is struggling with her decision to move to Abu Dhabi, but will this sway her either way? As Keanu quite literally sweeps her off her feet, will she fall for his charms again?



Sharon knows she has to make a decision, but will she pick Keanu or Abu Dhabi? Is Sharon going to leave Walford?

2. Rocky plots



Rocky knows he needs cash when Kathy tells him they need to find their own place. Hatching a plan, he invites Ian, Cindy and Peter for lunch to try to build bridges. But really it’s so he and Kathy can move back into No.45 and the talks quickly descend into chaos.



Kathy is fuming and insists they go house hunting for a place of their own. The couple put an offer on a studio flat.



But Kathy has no idea Rocky’s gambling has left them unable to pay the deposit…

3. Saint Sharon!



Sharon has a heart-to-heart with downbeat Martin in the Square. She also has one with Kathy in the cafe and is thoughtful when Kathy tells her she misses Ian.



Sharon hatches a plan and invites Ian to the cafe for wine, where she acts as mediator. It’s not long before mother and son are resolving their issues.



After getting very drunk, they head back to No.45. The tension returns however when Kathy and Cindy exchange words. But as Kathy and Rocky decide to keep living with Sonia and Reiss, can this family ever sort their differences for good?

4. Ben gives Jay an ultimatum



Jay can’t keep away from Nadine, but will he score more drugs? Fed-up Ben tells Jay he has to stop the drugs or he’ll kick him out. Jay promises to do better, but what will happen when Nadine turns up?

5. Nugget returns!



Ravi discovers Nugget has been seen and is thrilled. Meanwhile, Nugget calls Suki again and asks to meet and she agrees. However Ravi follows her and discovers them, but is then shocked when Nugget’s mother, Priya, enters the flat too.

6. Nugget demands answers



Ravi is shocked to see Priya and drags Nugget back home. After the police question him over his reasons for leaving, Nugget wants answers from Ravi.



But Ravi denies everything, leaving Nugget to look to Suki for confirmation – will she back him up?

7. Ravi gets a huge shock



Priya storms out and Ravi and Nugget follow, but Ravi is shocked to see Priya’s daughter, Avani is there. And what happens next brings Ravi’s world crashing down.



Ravi soon finds out Avani is his daughter too – and he had no idea she existed! As he tries to get his head round having a daughter, will Priya give him the answers he’s looking for?

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